Congressman Talks Politics At Middle School

Students at Grover Cleveland Middle School, Caldwell, had a special visitor on Jan. 27, when Congressman Rodney P. Frelinghuysen stopped by the middle school to keep a promise to seventh grader Spencer Brown. Frelinghuysen popped in on the social studies classes of teachers Paul Kotlewski and Maura Lincoln to talk politics with Brown and his classmates, touching on the structure of Congress and the election process, and posing questions to the students. The representative also discussed the 11th district, and how towns vary in structure and politics, stressing that he represents all of the constituents, including people who did not vote for him. When Frelinghuysen learned that the classes were studying the Legislative branch, he also explained the key steps for how a bill becomes a law.


Afterwards, the students were given a chance to ask the questions, which focused on the representative’s accomplishments and international concerns. When asked of what accomplishment he is most proud, Frelinghuysen was quick to reply with the Highlands water conservation and designating the New Jersey Response Task Force part of FEMA. The representative stated that he is proud that he has always voted with his conscience, and believes that he represents his district with integrity. Frelinghuysen also answered questions on the effects of outside money on voting in Congress, terrorism, and how all levels of government interface with governments worldwide.


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