Construction Project Improves Cauldwell Playground

By Joyce Corey


Cauldwell Playground in Morristown had the finishing touches put on a renovation project to improve the amphitheater area.

Construction began on Monday, Oct. 8, and while playground-goers may have noticed the crew and equipment, the contractor, Jo-Med Contracting Corporation, maintained a high level of safety for visitors to the park.

Located at Clyde Potts Drive and Flagler Street, the playground offers a baseball field, basketball courts, and a kiddie pool during the summer. The site of the renovations is the amphitheater which received an attractive and decorative upgrade. While most outdoor structures feel the effects of time and weather, this project combined maintenance with a touch of beauty.  Work on this area included replacing the timber in the seating area and the field house walls that were redone with decorative and precast concrete blocks that give the appearance of stacked stones. The space immediately around the amphitheater was revitalized through landscaping; new plants added a touch of green and some season-appropriate color.

On the maintenance side, a handicapped-accessible ramp leading to the amphitheater was installed and handrails updated. Fieldstone steps leading to the basketball courts and field house were put in place. Several existing walkways were repaved, and some new concrete paths and walkways created. Decorative, and useful, light bollards were placed alongside these areas, combining functionality with safety.

The objective of this project was threefold: To improve the amphitheater’s appearance, functionality, and accessibility. After several weeks of construction, playground-goers are definitely seeing the improvements and enhancements that were the goal.

“My colleagues and I are excited to see this project come to fruition,” said Mayor Timothy Doherty. “The amphitheater at Cauldwell Playground is an important part of our local culture. We believe these improvements will make the space a more inclusive and enjoyable gathering place for Morristown’s residents and visitors.”

The township also assures that any areas disturbed by construction will be fully restored once the project is complete.

Cauldwell Playground has been the site of many local events that bring the residents together and introduce families to all that Morristown has to offer. Recently, the Morristown Family Community Day was held there which offered an afternoon of family fun for everyone.

The amphitheater’s renovations and improvements will continue to provide a welcoming presence. While on-going construction may offer a few inconveniences, the larger view of this project will override any of these issues. By maintaining a safe and attractive area for people to gather, Morristown’s message is one of an invitation for people to visit the Cauldwell Playground, attend an event there, or meet with friends and families.

Visiting the new and improved amphitheater and seeing the updates and the decorative touches will give residents a strong sense of pride in their community.


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