Cops And Rockers Music Event To Raise Money

Verona Music Parents and Verona PBA Local #72 Civic Association team plans to present Cops and Rockers on Sat., March 19, at 7 p.m., at Verona High School.


Student bands from Verona High School, surrounding Schools of Rock, and local adult musicians (clean acts) will perform in Cops and Rockers.


This event was created to allow local kids to show off their rocking musical ability on a big stage with lights, fog machines and a rocking audience! It also bridges the gap between local teens and law enforcement officers as they bond through music and fun. This is the fourth year of hosting this successful event.


Sponsor donations from local businesses, $10 admission tickets and other fundraising activities on site will go directly to two fundraising organizations: The Officer Ron Thorward Fund, in honor of a Verona Police officer who recently passed away where donations go to help support his wonderful family; and the Verona Music Program, a program rich in history and success that relies on fundraising to maintain its high standard of educating countless amounts of amazingly talented kids!


Bands had to sign up by March 8.


Contact VHS Marching Band Publicity Patti Walsh at for more information.

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