Correction In May Article On Community Outreach To Homeless

In the May issue of the “Chatham News,” an article titled “Organizations In Chatham Bridge Gap To Help Feed Homeless” by Jason Cohen contained two remarks that are in need of clarification. The comment that “They had the robots fight, which caused a few homeless people to want to take bets,” is being retracted.

An additional comment that stated, “Most homeless people just want someone to talk to,” needed further explanation.

“Homeless people want housing, jobs and food and respect,” explains Lucy Malatesta, Bridges Outreach Run leader. “Speaking with them shows them the respect they often do not experience.”

Having someone to talk to “is an important need but it is not all they need,” she explains. “Bridges Outreach volunteers are part of an organization that advocates for the homeless and their need for housing, food etc. In addition we offer conversation and fellowship because feeling respected is empowering. Offering my respect and encouragement is what causes me to feel joy on a Bridges run.”

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