Crime Prevention Group Uplifts Youths; Motorcycle Rally Supports Veterans

Crime Prevention Group Uplifts Youths; Motorcycle Rally Supports Veterans


By Ejvind Boccolini


Two organizations are working hard in the Hackettstown area in recent weeks – and, really, for many years total – to help veterans receive aid and recognition for their bravery and sacrifice; and to help students move down their most favorable path in life.


The “Rolling Thunder” event was held on July 5 to raise awareness for veteran’s rights, and the ongoing Teen Nights are being held for Hackettstown students as a safe haven and a good time during their younger years.


First, “Rolling Thunder,” a ride and rally to “promote POW/MIA awareness and veteran’s rights,” is a motorcycle ride which began in Belvidere, travelled through Hackettstown and other sections of Warren County, and then finished up once again in Belvidere. It was a free event, but donations were appreciated, as veterans should not be forgotten when it comes to their dedicated service. They have helped us and we need to do what we can to help them.


See and be mindful of the ways to help all veterans.


Also in Hackettstown, a group has been helping youths lead a better lifestyle, and keeping them away from turmoil. The Hackettstown Committee for Crime Prevention (HCCP) has offered events and programs for many years that provide a safe environment. These events and activities translate to good company and a good time for those who attend.


The upcoming Hackettstown Committee for Crime Prevention (HCCP) Teen Night Pool Parties will be held at the Hackettstown Pool, from 7-9 pm, on the following remaining days: Thurs., July 23 and 30; and Aug. 6.


These pool parties are for students residing in Hackettstown, or in the sending districts, and the HCCP has been holding Teen Nights since 1994. This year, there were pool parties held on: June 26, July 2, and July 7, and they include a DJ, and dancing. They are open to middle school-aged students as well as high school-aged students.


Lydia Ghachem, president of the committee, said a lot of their work is done during the summer, but some is done during the school year too. For instance, the committee will co-sponsor dances with students during the school year, and the committee is still involved with the D.A.R.E. (Drug Awareness Resistance Education) Program in schools as well.


“So far, it’s been a big success,” Ghachem said, referring to the many years of Teen Nights.

It is “good to keep the kids off the streets.”


The events and programs like the dances held in the schools have the goal of providing a good, safe time for kids. With the upsetting news in the world nowadays, these programs are definitely a good deed. Information and registration forms for upcoming events are available at

Some of the regulations are as follows: Registrants must sign in for each Teen Night at the registration/sign in table and are expected to remain for the entire evening, and participants who leave will not be readmitted that evening. Student ID is required for admission, and notes will not be accepted after the first attendance.


The HCCP representatives and security reserve the right to deny a student admission, and those not registered must do so at the registration/sign in table and be accompanied by a parent. Registrants will comply with the basic rules of appropriate conduct and dress, and all rules, including pool rules, are strictly enforced. If the rules are violated, HCCP representatives, police and/or security will deal with the situation. There is a zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol, and weapons, including pocket knives.


The HCCP will not be held liable for injuries incurred by the registrant at Teen Nights. Chaperones are not responsible for personal belongings. No backpacks are permitted. Cancellations due to inclement weather will be announced at the pool as well as WRNJ if possible.


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