Daniel Amianda: At Home in Mount Olive

By Steve Sears

You don’t have to sell 81-year-old Daniel Amianda on living in or serving the Township of Mount Olive. 

He has, after all, been a resident for 46 years. “I was introduced to Mount Olive by a friend,” he says of that day almost a half a century ago. “I found Mount Olive to be a nice, peaceful place where I could raise my children.” 

The last statement perhaps is redundant when describing the township of almost 28,000 people, but still, Amianda and his wife have raised four children within its 33 square miles. 

More on the family later. But first, more about the man who has served on the Township Council for eight Years. Amianda, whose current term expires 12/31/2021, also represents the Council and resident senior citizens as a township liaison at the Board of Education meetings. He also served as a member of the Mount Olive Board of Education for 16 years.

“I wanted to make Mount Olive a safe place to work for all, and raise all the children in a safe environment,” says Amianda, a Republican, when asked why he initially ran for a Council seat. His main goal as a Councilman is, in his words, “To accomplish unity for all.” And as for the biggest challenge facing the Council? “Maintaining taxes,” he states.

Amianda was born in 1939 in Bunyore, Kenya, and migrated to the United States in 1961 when he was 22 years old. He attended Lincoln University near Oxford, Pennsylvania, and he worked for the New York City Human Resources Administration for many years prior to his retirement.

One interesting tidbit about Amianda, and how it pertains to his love of and the importance of education, is The Naomi Nursery School. Located in the village where he grew up, the school is honorarily named after the Councilman’s mother. It opened in 2004, Amianda raising money and as well using his own savings to build the school, which would provide a like educational opportunity that he had enjoyed while growing up. “The school is still educating all the students who don’t have the ability, or enough funds, to go to school,” he proudly says.

As promised, back to his family, which he is immensely proud of. “I have been married to my wife, Helena Amianda, for 52 years,” he states happily. The couple has, as previously mentioned, four children: daughters Naomi, Erica, and Alumasi, and a son, Mark. 

In his spare time, Amianda believes in keeping in shape physically and mentally. His hobbies are running and reading, and he always looks for ways to aid and inspire others. “I use the ability I have to help others. I participate in charity groups like ‘Walk from Obesity.’”

Daniel Amianda is a happy man who has accomplished much during his life, and still continues to do so. When asked for a summation of his feelings on the Township of Mount Olive, he simply states, “Mount Olive is the best place to work, live, and raise a family.”

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