David Tyree Remains Humble Despite Success

Picture courtesy of David Tyree delivering a motivational speech to an audience

By Evan Wechman


David Tyree made an almost impossible catch in Super Bowl XLII on February 3, 2008, to help propel the New York Giants to a victory over the previously unbeaten New England Patriots.   Except for that amazing catch, he was not considered a star player.  


Tyree though has always had faith in himself and believes his ability to be coachable has helped him both on and off the field. This has always been attractive to other leaders, especially when he was developing himself as a football player at Syracuse University.


According to the ex-NFL player, one of his most beneficial relationships occurred during this time.


“The most impactful people in my life have been the ones who actually see people.  So, my strength coach at Syracuse who is thankfully still there today is probably, aside from my father, was one of the early men in my life who saw value in me when some of my coaches didn’t and he’s the kind of person who has really fueled my journey,” he says.


Tyree’s self-confidence and maturity has once again caused the light to shine on him.  The Livingston born Super Bowl winner and Montclair High School graduate not only defied the odds himself as a Giant, but is now teaching others around him to do the same.


 He is dedicated to improving the lives of others, but he maintains his football career did play a significant role.


“I think the entire journey of achieving something significant (Super Bowl), of having a goal and having a dream, being able to achieve it gives an opportunity to be of service to people,” Tyree says.


For example, after retiring from the NFL as a player, he served for two years working at the NFL headquarters in Manhattan in the player development department. He then had a successful stint working for the New York Giants as the Director of Player Development.


Tyree has always loved working with people, ranging from helping inner- city youth to assisting business executives navigate their plans.  This became especially true when he was going through some complications of his own and turned his life over to Jesus Christ.


“I had to make a decision about how I was going to move forward and that led to a collision with Christ, and I’ve been on fire and growing in that for the last 20 years, and there’s been no turning back,” he says.


Tyree can now be seen in churches motivating kids to do their best.  His dedication to serving anyone and everyone is evident in his podcast. Each week he can be heard on platforms such as Spotify and YouTube interviewing inspirational leaders on Catch The Moment with David Tyree.


This is truly a labor of love for him as he speaks with people from all walks of life.  He enjoys showing his audience how his guests have found solutions in stressful times.


Tyree’s own ability to open doors has helped him become one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the industry.


Though receiving numerous requests to speak can get to someone’s head, he remains humble and willing to work.


In the past several months, he and his wife, Leilah, have opened a nutritious restaurant on South Street in Morristown.  At Tyree’s Table, the couple serves wraps, smoothies, and even complete healthy meals referred to as “Super Bowls.”


Tyree hopes to combine his business knowledge and serve the community at the same time.  He is planning on having plenty of fundraisers and other valuable events at his place.


According to Tyree, “we brought in the storyline of our family, and we believe there is room for everyone at the table and that goes from the dinner table to the business table.”


No matter how big the restaurant becomes or how many speaking engagements Tyree performs, he never wants to lose sight of the big picture.


“I want people to know that all things are possible if we put the value in the areas that have real value like people, because I love God, love people, and I am always going to remain in service.”


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