Decorated Sacred Heart softball star finds home to shine

By Jillian Risberg 


Victoria and Amy: Victoria LoPinto and Amy Petrovich celebrate their Morris County Championship win at Hanover Park High School

NEC Second Team All-Conference Amy Petrovich has impressive talents on the diamond and is one of three players to appear in all 38 games at Sacred Heart University. 


The second baseman recently graduated but will be back at SHU to earn her Masters and carry on her outstanding Division I softball career.

“I am returning for a fifth year (graduating in August) to get a MS in Digital Marketing. Looking forward to getting back my COVID year and making my mark at Sacred Heart,” says Petrovich. “I love this team and being able to continue to play for another year is amazing.” 


According to the second baseman (with 100 career runs) — athletically her goal is to be the best captain, teammate and friend she can be to every girl on the team while doing her job on the field (RBIs, getting on base, hits, etc.). 

“Academically, I will be leaving Sacred Heart with a Bachelors degree and two Masters I would love to use towards my dream job of working PR for a global nonprofit of some sort,” Petrovich says.  

She loves how much of a team sport softball is and says the girls you get to play with over the years make it a memorable experience and you appreciate the game much more. 

And it’s been beautiful to be able to live her passion with college softball. 

Title IX (1972) increased access to women’s sports at the collegiate level — which skyrocketed girls participating in sports, and females of all ages and abilities being afforded athletic opportunities. 


“Playing a D1 sport can be tough, especially balancing academics on top of it,” says Petrovich. “However, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I get to play the sport I love with amazing people — who love the game as much as I do. Everyday going to softball is an escape from the stress of the real world.”


She went to Hanover Park High School, where she excelled on the field and collected many highlights — including NJAC Softball Player of the Year. 

The four year varsity letter winner grew up in East Hanover, sister Nicole played there and inspired her to play too. 

“My sister is one of my biggest role models,” Petrovich says her older sibling also went on to play collegiate softball (at Stockton University). “She was an amazing athlete and student, and I always tried to be just like her.”

According to Amy, her drive and dedication comes from her parents. 

“They always taught me to work hard in academics and athletics when I was younger so I was able to carry that through the rest of my life,” Petrovich says softball is a sport she loves. “So working hard to be the best I can be comes easy.”


And it has numerous mind/body benefits: total body conditioning, increased flexibility, improved mental health, leadership skills, self-esteem boost. 


She looks back on her athletics accomplishments fondly. 

“My favorite memory at Hanover Park was winning county championships (for the first time in what I believe was 39 years) my senior year there,” says Petrovich. “I got to experience that with Victoria LoPinto, who also plays with me at Sacred Heart now — which is super cool.” 


Her favorite SHU memory is the inaugural game she played there freshman year. 

“We lost that game, but being on the field for the first time with girls I’ve become best friends with is something I’ll never forget,” Petrovich says, adding that in her downtime she loves to hang out with her five roommates from the women’s lacrosse team. “We get along great and I also love dragging teammates and friends on walks with me because Connecticut has great trails.”

The recruiting process was frustrating and considerable, but the outcome was definitely worthwhile. 

She calls Sacred Heart beautiful with a fantastic communications program she wanted to be a part of. 

“Also, our softball stadium is one of the best in the Northeast and I was recruited by coaches Pam London and Betsy Harvey — who made coming here even better,” says Petrovich. 


She officially committed to SHU winter of her high school junior year, with club team coaches from the Pride (Rob Stern) that helped her along the way. 

“It took me a long time to realize everyone has a home and that I would eventually find it,” Petrovich says even after Sacred Heart, her sport will remain part of her life. “Maybe someday I’ll get the opportunity to coach softball as well.”


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