Denville Five Year Old Spreading Kindness

By: Megan Roche


Luciano Tarantino is your typical five year old. He loves going to the playground, playing with his little sister, and going to Kindergarten. When his mom and grandmother were getting ready to go out recently, Luciano quickly put together an idea.


As mom and grandmother were preparing to head to Pink Witches Night Out, Luciano was curious why they were going. Luciano’s grandmother explained that Pink Witches Night Out was an event in Denville where people came together to raise money to support women going through breast cancer treatment. As his mom and grandmother were heading out the door, Luciano ran upstairs.


“He ran upstairs and was searching for any money that he could find. He came back down and told me that he wanted me to give them his money and that he wanted to make these people feel better,” Tiffany shared. 


When he came back down to the door, Luciano handed his mom a handful of money. He told his mom that he wanted to give it to the people who were sick who needed it more than he did.

He bolted up the stairs once again, in search of a piggy bank so that the donations that were being made could be kept safe.


Luciano’s mom Tiffany had a moment of pride, tears welling up in her eyes.


“It hit home for him. He’s a typical 5 year old rambunctious boy, but something inside of him changed. It was such a touching moment because it was so pure and innocent. Everything was from his heart and he was very adamant about it. I’m so proud of my baby for wanting to give to others,” Tiffany said. 


Pink Witches Night Out took place on October 22 in Downtown Denville. The event helped raise funds for Cancer Hope Network and was sponsored by Saint Clare’s Hospital. 


The five-year-old has continued to ask his mom, Tifffany, and dad, Christopher, about more ways he can help people in town. As we head closer to the Christmas season, the two are planning on helping Luciano understand what giving back means.


“He wants to cook and deliver food to people who are sick. I don’t even have the words to describe how proud I am of him. He has a huge heart and he always has. This has kind of been a moment where I can step back and he understands the importance of doing things and giving to others. As a mom, it’s all you can ask for,” Tiffany said. 


And how is Luciano feeling about all of this? He’s extremely grateful that he’s had the opportunity to help others.


I wanted to make people feel happy and better by showing kindness. I don’t want anybody to be sick.”


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