Dive In At Bible Church This Summer

Welcome to Deep Sea Discovery, Mon.-Fri., July 25 – July 29, 9 a.m. to noon.  Get ready for a life-changing adventure taking place at Mt. Olive Community Bible Church in Budd Lake.

Each day begins at Celebration Reef, where kids will sing, shout, praise, pray, and be introduced to a Bible story and the daily theme. Then after kids experience the other activities of the day, they gather back at Celebration Reef to be encouraged to love God and to be motivated to serve others.

Other sites at Deep Sea Discovery include S.S. Discovery, where kids will explore the Bible story in a variety of interactive ways; Pelican Pier, where kids have time to move around, have fun, and fill up on snacks; Curiosity Cavern, where kids explore the mysteries of the sea through science and crafts; and E.C.H.O. Sea Sub, where kids are encouraged to serve others! All these fun activities connect to the Bible story, Bible Memory, and the truth that God is with them wherever they go!

The staff is waiting for some brave deep-sea divers to join them in serving and having fun!

Call Neil or Jessica Lines 862-219-9745 for more information.

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