Dog Rescue Hosting Pet CPR Class Fundraiser

By Dawn M Chiossi


    Life is much more pleasant when coming home to a furry pet. They are more than companions and best friends. Many consider them members of the family. It is astonishing and even astounding, how pets can have the same illnesses and ailments as humans do, and with similar treatments.


Take CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) for example. This lifesaving technique is used when someone has stopped breathing and has no heartbeat. Humans hear all the time CPR is an essential lifesaving skill to save another person. From family members, to lifeguards, to teachers, it’s an essential skill to have. With the combination of chest compressions and mouth to mouth, quick thinking and CPR can save lives.

 But what about pets? Would pet parents know what to do in case their beloved four-legged family members had an emergency? If they suddenly stopped breathing and had no heartbeat?

    This was the question that four-year Eleventh Hour Rescue Volunteer and animal lover of 2 dogs and 4 cats, Lisa Hallam was asking herself when she came up with the idea of the organization hosting their first ever Pet CPR Class Fundraiser.


    After taking a similar course herself, she realized that as in the case of humans, pet CPR can be just as effective in helping save the life of a pet as well. “As a pet lover and pet owner, I’ve always been concerned about what I would or could do for my pets should an emergency arise.” And Hallam brings up a valid point. “We all know that there are pet emergency clinics, but will you always be near one? What if it is far away? Are you losing precious time between transport? If my pet ends up in an emergency situation, I want to be sure that I am trained to be able to do whatever lifesaving steps I can,” Hallam asserts.

        This Pet CPR class fundraiser will be held on Sat. May 18th, located at Roxbury Mall, Adoption Center at 275 Route 10 East, Saccasunna. The time will be from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. It will be taught by First Aid @CPR LLC. The class will cover many different first aid scenarios as well as when and how to administer CPR to pets safely.

   Tickets will be $65.00 per person and a portion of the proceeds raised will go to benefit the Eleventh Hour Rescue Shelter in their lifelong mission to save the lives of animals who find themselves on death row.

    Participants will be trained and certified in ASHI Pet First Aid and CPR. There will be hands on practice and members will receive a pet first aid and CPR reference manual, reference card, certification to frame and a certification wallet card.

  Cat parents have no need to fear, Pet CPR can be done on cats as well as dogs. Hallam’s suggestion of a pet CPR program was instantly so well received by others, that they are thinking about adding another class if necessary, as class size is limited to 30 people.

    For Hallam, the program is all about empowerment and helping to save an animal’s life any way she possibly can. “My favorite thing about this program is that it gives pet owners the ability to be a participant in saving their pet’s lives rather than having to sit by helplessly. We all know that if there is an emergency that is human, we can call 911. We can also help by administering CPR and First Aid if trained. For pets, there is no 911. We have to put our pets in a vehicle and rush to an emergency pet clinic as fast as we can, hoping that we make it on time. If we could administer first aid and or CPR before or as we are rushing our pets to the emergency clinic, I personally believe that this could help save more pets lives. Volunteering with the Eleventh Hour Rescue is so rewarding to me,” she enthuses. “Knowing that I play a small part in getting these dogs to their forever homes whether it be by transporting, spending time with them, fostering, or helping at adoption events, it brings me great satisfaction.”

   Preregistration is required. For further information or details, or to preregister, please visit


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