Dogs Take Center Stage At Randolph Library Family Fun Event

Dogs Take Center Stage At Randolph Library Family Fun Event


By Chelsea Opong-Wadeer


Randolph Public Library has hosted events for kids and families this summer, many that brought countless laughter to those who attended.


Specifically, one event on Thurs., July 30, brought out parents and their kids imagination, with the Waltens Acrobatic and Performing Dog Show.


This was Randolph Public Library’s first time hosting an acrobatic and performing dog show, according to Lore Reinhart, event coordinator at Randolph Public Library.


“We sent a flyer around, and hoped for a great turn out,” Reinhart said. “The event was open for any Randolph residents to attend, and enjoy some acrobatics, juggling, and dog tricks.”


As Reinhart hoped, there was a great turn out with about 40 plus residences from the area that attended. Residents all brought either a chair or a blanket for this outdoor event right by the gazebo.


With music in the background, the show began. Waltens Acrobatic and Performing Dog Show included Willy Walten and “Tinkerbell” (Carol Frazier). Tinkerbell admitted during the show that Walten was about to celebrate his 80 birthday, and he happily replied, “that you’re never too old for tricks.”


According to their website, the two have been working together on the Waltens Acrobatic show for the past 36 years. The two have been hand balancing, foot balancing, and juggling together all around the world in places like Spain and Venezuela.
At this performance, the two engaged the audience by giving volunteers the chance to participate in some of the action too. Two boys were selected to try and throw up a soft foam ball in the air and have the ball land in a funnel that was tied around their waist. The trick was that the funnel was behind their back, making a bit more challenging than it seemed.


In the end neither one was victorious, but they were both good sports. Tinkerbell commended the boys, and reminded them “things aren’t always so easy as they seem!”


As the night went on, Walten and Tinkerbell performed magic tricks for the audience, some which included making scarves be tied up into one knot. Another where Tinkerbell blew up a balloon and once it popped a bird by the name of Whitey appeared. The audience stood amazed, and applauded their mysterious yet outstanding tricks.

As the acrobatics and tricks came to an end, Walten and Tinkerbell brought out their four special companions: Toby, Miss Lizzy, Einstein, and Sweetie- four small, yet talented, dogs with a lot of spunk and tricks up their fur. Each performed their own special tricks for the crowd and won over the hearts of many.


As their performance came to a close the audience applauded all of them for their great work and for making them walk away with smiles on their faces. One girl by the name of Nicole Izaguirre said, “I loved every minute of it!”


The Randolph Public Library has events scheduled for the rest of the month of Aug. and some for the month of Sept. For more information on upcoming events visit their website at


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