Eagle Scout Beautifies Maier’s Pond

For Anthony Rocco, earning the rank of Eagle Scout is a proud privilege. In the fall of 2019, Rocco took on a challenging Eagle Scout project at Mount Olive’s Maier’s Pond. You’ll find a new section of benches, a picnic table, mulching, and more when you take a visit. Rocco pieced all those moving parts together in three days with the help of other scouts, township workers, family, and friends. 


“Just stick to it,” Rocco says about advice for younger scouts who may be looking up to him. “I’ve had a vision ever since I was young that I wanted to do something like what I’ve done. I was passionate about it and be able to give back to the community that is interactive. I had that vision and I went for it and I accomplished it.” Rocco said. 


Rocco, a junior at Mount Olive High School, tried to pick an Eagle Scout Project that would help beautify the town, but something that not only himself, but anyone who visits the pond could use and enjoy. Rocco has since brought friends and family to visit the popular fishing hole. 


“Leadership is powerful and it’s powerful when you utilize it and enforce it. There’s so many ways to use leadership to an advantage. To be able to have self-motivation to do something like this, it’s amazing.” Rocco said.  


While his official Eagle Scout Court of Honor hasn’t taken place just yet, he is excited to join the ranks of the Mount Olive Eagle Scouts who have come before him. 

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