East Hanover’s Jenna Glinko Captures Life Photo by Photo

By Steve Sears


For Jenna Glinko, it has been a busy and exciting four years at Centenary University.


What follows may be the key to that. “I’m always moving,” she says. “I am always doing something. There is never a dull moment in the life of Jenna Glinko.”


And she and her fellow senior Centenary University Cyclone softball team members were moving on graduation day. Not the school’s actual graduation day, but their graduation day. Due to a scheduling conflict, the team had to be in Virginia for a tournament when their fellow graduates tossed caps skyward, so the five senior members of the squad had their own ceremony.


Glinko says, “The school was really accommodating. The night that we left, we graduated and got on the bus to leave, all in the same hour. We just proceeded in, they said a few words, we walked across the stage, and that was it. It was a big moment for anybody, especially for us who are students on top of being athletes. It encompasses the whole student athlete thing.”


Glinko is a fine athlete, and is also an accomplished photographer, especially of her fellow athletes. She has been sharpening her picture taking skills since she was in elementary school.


“Both of my parents were very into photos,” she explains. “Wherever we went, they had the camera or the camcorder out, and I always enjoyed taking my mom’s camera and kind of snapping photos just for fun. When I was in fourth grade and all my best friends at the time played soccer, I would go to all the games, take out my iPhone 4 – which is ancient at this point; I do not even think it would turn on – and as my friends ran by me, I just snapped some pictures. To them, it was the greatest thing in the world.”


So much so that her friends would post the photos on social media and credit Glinko. She continued to take photos, and when she got to high school, she started to get hired. 


The only daughter of East Hanover’s Jim and Donna Glinko, the now 22-year-old attended and played sports at Hanover Park High School, her mom’s alma mater. Glinko says, “Hanover Park I really do think prepared me, not just Centenary, but for life in general. I learned a lot of valuable skills at Hanover Park, and I am still proud to be a Hornet.”


In fact, Glinko still has and wears all her HPHS apparel. “Once a once a Hornet, always Hornet,” she says.


When she entered Centenary University, she then started helping the athletic department and Sports Information Director, Meg O’Brien. She received national attention when Cyclone athletes were highlighted in articles on national websites and her photos were posted and credited to her. She says, “It was really a cool way to become an NCAA published photographer, but also get my name out there in many ways.” (Glinko’s work can be viewed at www.jennaglinko.smugmug.com)


In addition to her photo taking and playing softball at Centenary, Glinko for four years was also a member (and as a senior, President) of the school’s Enactus program, whose vision is that (courtesy of its website) “Young leaders everywhere use innovation and business skills to ensure that all people thrive in a sustainable world.” 


“Enactus is one of if not the best thing that I did in college,” Glinko says. “In three years, I helped the university earn its first ever United States patent, I directed multiple National Social Entrepreneurship competitions, and this year we placed in the top eight in the country.”


Glinko, who made the Dean’s List in all her eight semesters at Centenary (“I was undefeated there,” she says with a chuckle; “I always tie it back to sports…”), graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a double concentration in finance and social media marketing. She will be doing a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in finance at Centenary this fall.


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