Editor Wraps Up Top 2015 Stories; Welcomes More Shining Times For New Year

A year has come and gone since I have taken the reins as editor of New View Media Group Newspapers and what a positive journey it has been.

Being part of a company that has doubled in size, from eight monthly papers to 17, has been so exciting but the greatest joy for me has been being on the forefront of so many wonderful stories that surround us every day. Most other newspapers will fill their pages with police stories, obituaries, car accidents, suicides, murders, disasters, law suits, political battles and controversial issues that busy municipal governments and school boards.

While every journalist craves that news breaking story or that shocking incident for that hard-nose reporter to capture all those details whether gory or devastating, there is nothing quite refreshing or satisfying than covering a feel good story that tugs at heart strings and puts a smile on one’s face.

My days this past year have surrounded me with stories about the kindest people who have given their time, mind and spirit to help others in need; who have gone above and beyond in their endeavors or jobs; who have put other people’s lives before theirs; or about events that bring joy to the community or raise needed funds or supplies for a particular issue or charity; and even about communities and school districts that continue to work together to improve their surroundings through new programs and resources; as well as businesses that continue to keep hard workers employed while providing the best services to customers.

While New View Media Group is an unaffiliated paper, meaning it remains untied to any particular religion or political group, it upholds similar virtues and ethics like being kind to others, helping thy neighbor, giving tzedaka or charity, doing a mitzvah or kind deed, volunteering time and sharing generously and unselfishly with those in need.

Looking back through the twelve months of 2015, so many stories of genuine kindness fill my mind that it would be wrongful of me to not reminisce before jumping in to share the positive moments unfolding for 2016.

For Caldwell News readers, the stories that took center stage since the first issue came out in April 2015, included Roseland Fire Department competed in stair climb in New York to raise money for the American Lung Association; 12-year old North Caldwell boy sold lemonade and ran for organ donation; Caldwell-West Caldwell Education Foundation hosted 5K run to raise money for education programs; West Caldwell elementary school students jumped rope for heart health; Caldwell senior citizen volunteered time to help other seniors with good health and fitness; local business man held dinner/dance fundraiser to raise money to build health clinic in the Dominican Republic; Jewish synagogue thanked nearby homeowners with yellow mums for courtesy parking during holidays; James Caldwell High School organized volleyball game to raise money for breast cancer awareness; Caldwell Schools build food boxes to feed local families in need.

The positive stories are endless and contagious really. Shared each month to inspire, motivate, reflect and channel others to get involved, donate, give back, participate or even just turn negative energy into one filled with optimism and hope, each community stands stronger and united knowing that there are people out there who do care and are making a difference every day.

Nothing wrong with being humble, but do not let that stop you from contacting New View Media Group to share your contribution of how you helped to make the world a brighter place. There is nothing wrong with shining and patting yourself on the back for some well-deserved recognition.

Send your press releases and story ideas to me at editor@newviewmg.com. I look forward to hearing from you in 2016…until then happy, healthy New Year to all readers.


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