Eisenhower Middle School Launches Web Program For Classroom Success Inside And Out

Eisenhower Middle School, part of the Roxbury Township Public School District in Succasunna, will be launching a new program this year from Evolutions Labs specifically geared toward middle school students using an interactive experience to engage students in a digital medium. Content tackles topics like bullying, friendship, goal setting, time management and studying. It will also help students navigate a range of other issues such as social media bullying to drug and alcohol use to general health and wellness.

Evolution Labs’ library of digital content is geared with videos, quizzes, blogs, and interactives and is self-paced. Eisenhower Middle School will be piloting this program for all Eisenhower Middle School students and parents.

The program, called Suite360, is a multi-faceted digital platform which leverages web, mobile-app and mobile messaging. Eisenhower Middle School students will access the program by downloading an app or by accessing a mobile-optimized website. Evolution Labs has designed an interactive experience to engage students in a digital medium.

Eisenhower’s program will be built on Evolution Labs’ Suite360 platform, which will enable the school to offer a highly immersive content experience that can be tailored to fit its needs, while drawing on nationally recognized best practices. The programs use an array of content features, including short, expert-written topics, engaging videos, interactive self-tests and social media content. Additional program topics include: recognizing violent relationships, bystander intervention, stress management, healthy eating and academic integrity.

“Evolution Labs’ innovative platform will allow us to engage students in critical subject matter when it is most relevant to them throughout the academic year,” said Elizabeth Omegna, assistant principal at Eisenhower Middle School. “The toolset is unique in that it provides both a robust technology and reporting suite along with the content we know can make a difference in students’ lives. The student module will roll out with a monthly theme and be supported through groups and discussions with the child’s guidance counselor.”

The platform delivers new topics throughout the year, via email, SMS, and in-app messaging. Each month, students will complete a required topic, including a pre- and post- assessment to determine the extent to which they’ve absorbed the subject matter.

“Eisenhower understands that engaging students in an era of technological distractions requires a platform that parallels (and rivals) the material that students interact with online and on their devices,” said Peter Kraft, co-founder of Evolution Labs. “The immersive approach of Suite360’s content and features ensures that students engage in the material more frequently and with higher rates on content absorption.”

“Today’s learner is so comfortable online, parents and adults often struggle with how to broach topics which is where this platform comes in to usher a segue to more difficult topics,” explained Omegna.

Omegna further went on to explain that “EMS has worked timelessly the last few years with students, staff, and families to bring in highly engaging programs and electives to support the district’s 1:1 initiative. We in Roxbury feel that our students should be global citizens who are technologically prepared for an ever changing world. We want our EMS students to be critical thinkers, reflective, and a part of their immediate community, as well as the global community, and are always looking to partner with programs and organizations that contribute to the environment for the long term.”

The school is also implementing Evolution Labs’ P360 program, which delivers tips and guidance to parents. Parents can follow along with the parent modules tailored for parents to gear conversations at home with support and ideas.

To learn more about Evolution Labs, visit www.evpco.com.

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