Entrance to Denville Gets Facelift

Photo Credit: Maja Britton

This project started many months ago but the four collaborators on the project were the School of Technology, Beautification, the Township of Denville and Downtown Denville. During the budget presentation at a council meeting for the BID, Ellen Sandman mentioned one of the capital projects that she wanted to pursue was to improve the look of the entrance ways to the township. “There was quite a bit of enthusiasm by the township as well as beautification and so the idea was conceived that we would pursue the owner of the property, Tom Rankin and ask if we could place some fencing flower barrels and banners at this location.” Sandman shared. It began that I met with Dave Sippel and a few of the other members of beautification as well as the School of Technology, Terry and Ruben, to ask for assistance in the creation of the 22 banners we wanted to display at the location. In addition to creating and producing these banners, they also painted all the tubs that contain the beautiful floral arrangements. “I can’t say enough about the many people that assisted us on Friday the 23rd of July. The Department of Public Works sent a crew, I might add a phenomenal crew, who worked diligently to prepare the area for those volunteers that were going to put up all the elements you see,” Sandman shared. Many volunteers came on Saturday and after 5 hours of a tremendous amount of work, you have what you’ve seen in the pictures.


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