Fernbook Fifth Graders in Randolph Bake Bread for Charity

It will be a happier Thanksgiving for many less fortunate families thanks to some new fifth grade bakers at Fernbrook Elementary School in Randolph.

Left to right, Fernbrook fifth graders pack up the bread they baked to help needy families, Robin-Joshua-Jegan, Siddharth Vadali, Emma Brunton, Javi Alvarez and Sydney Mcfarlane.

Fernbrook fifth graders learned how to bake bread through the Bake for Good King Arthur Flour Program assembly at school arranged by the Fernbrook PTO and then went home and baked bread with their families. The participating students then brought the bed to school and donated the loaves they baked to help the less fortunate this Thanksgiving. Center Grove fifth graders participated in the program last year and also baked bread at home with their families and donated it.

Fernbrook PTO Cultural Affairs Vice President Sri Vadali transported the loaves baked by the students to Bethlehem Church in Randolph.

“I think it was nice participating,” said fifth grader Javi Alvarez. “We get to help people out who do not know when their next meal will be. It felt really nice baking bread to help someone in need.”

Fifth grader Emma Brunton said she usually goes to the store and buys food with her family to donate to needy families, but she preferred baking bread. “This was a lot more fun,” she said.

“I feel like I learned something,” noted Siddharth Vadali. “I was able to help out through baking.”

Fernbrook Teacher Kirsten Misiunas said the program was a great experience for the students. “It encompassed reading, math and science,” she said. “It is wonderful that kids get a chance to donate and help others in the community.

“I feel that the children embraced the concept,” she said. “It is nice to do things like this especially this time of year.”

Fernbrook Principal Dr. Michelle Telischak, who baked a few loaves herself, said she is very proud of her students. “I am so proud of our fifth graders for taking part in this wonderful cause. We encourage our students to make the world a better place,” she said. “Our fifth graders were smiling ear to ear because they have made a difference in the lives of others. We are so thankful for our PTO organizing this event for our students.”


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