Fernbrook Students Inspired At Summer STEAM Program

More than 110 rising third to fifth grade students at Fernbook Elementary School in Randolph spent three weeks engaged in creative problem solving and learning about graphic arts, environmental science, computer technology, art technology and performing arts activities through the Summer STEAM Program.
Students selected the discipline they were most interested in and studied it July 23-August 10 in a special morning summer program at the school. This was the fifth year of the program at Fernbrook.
Fernbook Teacher Jenise Janulis, the lead teacher and program director for STEAM, worked together with Fernbrook Media Specialist Michele Savvides to create the program. This summer is an exciting one for students who are creating special programs with an outer space theme which they will present to parents on the last day of the program. Some projects include planting lettuce and radishes in a hydroponic tower and harvesting other veggies grown in the garden; students designed 3-D rockets using Tinkercad, building rockets out of recyclables and learning about propulsion; students created and performed in a show about outer space; beautified bathrooms by thematically painting ceiling tiles to support an idea; created outer space stories including settings and characters that were published using stop-motion animation films.
The program culminates with a special open house celebration for parents which includes presentations, a show and a glimpse into everything the students learned.
“The vision was for a technology driven program that was academic in nature but exciting and hands-on where students could deeply explore a subject of interest,”
Janulis said. “This year I am excited to bring in new high technology classes that incorporate the whole school’s voice. Essential skills of reading, writing and math are developed as students develop a love for technology and learning.”
Fernbrook Principal Dr. Michelle Telischak said the school’s Summer STEAM program is a highlight of the summer.
“Our Summer STEAM program is facilitated by our dedicated elementary teachers who continuously encourage our students to think outside the box and problem solve about various concepts related to science, technology, engineering, art, and music,” she said. I am always impressed with the remarkable creations
they produce.”
The camp was staffed by seven certified Randolph teachers, three aides and 20 student volunteers from Randolph Middle and High School.

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