First Grader Rescues Park From Trash

Merrick Ferreira, a first grader at Hudson Maxim School in Hopatcong, is a self-proclaimed Pollution Super Hero.  Recently, Merrick’s mom took him and his sister, Marie to Modick Park in Hopatcong to play.  Merrick was too distracted by the trash on the ground and told his mom he was too sad to play.  He began picking up what he could and then the family went to the car for some shopping bags.  Merrick, with a little help from his sister, filled three shopping bags with litter from the playground.

He was so happy that he cleaned up the park that he wanted to send pictures to his class at Hudson Maxim. He hopes to inspire other kids to keep the parks clean.  When Merrick’s mom, Sheri Ferreira told him a lot of the trash was left by big people, he responded, “Big Kids, like in high school, know better and they need to teach us little kids how to love the Earth.”  Merrick truly demonstrated the school-wide theme of bucket-filling by spreading the message of kindness. He went above and beyond to clean up litter.  He is truly a Pollution Super Hero for Hopatcong!


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