Florham Park Opens New Trail

The new Stobaeus-Briarwood Trail in Florham Park had a recent ceremonial opening as the county Board of Freeholders, Park Commission and Florham Park officials joined to cut a ribbon that not only celebrated a local green space but one of countywide importance.
This is the first completed trail project in the county funded through the
Morris County Preservation Trust and its offshoot, the new county Trail
Construction Grant Program, which has a long-term goal of connecting the county’s many open spaces, to make them accessible to county residents. “Construction of new trails is a great way to encourage residents and visitors to explore and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Morris County,’’ said Freeholder Director Doug Cabana. “The trails make our plentiful open spaces accessible to everyone, connecting greenways, enhancing recreational opportunities, and improving the quality of life for all residents.
“We are proud to be the first completed project in the Morris County Trail Construction Grant Program and are very excited to open the newly constructed Trail, fittingly on National Trails Day,’’ said Florham Park
Councilman Charles Malone.
Florham Park began seeking county open space funds as early as 2009, as the borough purchased segments of land needed for the trail.
The county trust fund provided a total of $720,000 for 2.93 acres covering six properties as a planned addition to Stobaeus Park, which is now linked by the new trail to the Briarwood School.

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