Foundation Provides Medication, Supplies And Support For Individuals With Diabetes

The Diabetes Foundation, Inc. (DFI) serves all New Jersey residents, regardless of their age, county or town; provides eight weeks of free diabetes medications, insulin and medical/testing supplies via home or office delivery; provides ongoing patient support services and financial assistance resources via telephone; offers free educational workshops throughout the state; and awards scholarships to camps for children with diabetes.

For more information, contact DFI at 201-444- 0337 or

Since 1990, the Diabetes Foundation, Inc. (DFI) has been dedicated to serving low-income,

uninsured, and underinsured NJ children and adults with diabetes. DFI improves patient

care and quality of life by focusing on four main areas of support: medication and medical

supplies assistance, patient support services, diabetes public education and Camp Nejeda


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