Free Hanover Wind Symphony Presents Free Concert

The renowned Hanover Wind Symphony plans to offer a musical medley celebrating “A Night in the Big City,” on Wed., Oct. 26, at 7 p.m., at Memorial Junior School in Whippany. This concert will explore through music the many moods of city life.
Says Matthew Paterno of Parsippany, HWS musical director and conductor, “Join the Hanover Wind Symphony as we ‘paint the town red’ with our concert ‘A Night in the Big City.’ Hear the music of the streets and visit the famous sites on a whirlwind tour of the city that never sleeps!
“The energy and excitement of the big city come through in the musical repertoire that we have chosen. We want to take the audience on a fast-paced, exciting visit to some of the famous sites and sounds the city has to offer.”
The HWS has played to enthusiastic audiences at regional venues throughout the Northeast.
HWS members are volunteers who share a love for music as well as a passion for enriching the cultural fabric of the community with the thrill of live wind band performances. They come together to connect musically with others, share the enjoyment of music with live audiences, and help mentor the next generation of wind musicians.
HWS is a recipient of a Morris Arts grant.
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