Free Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Planned In Chatham

The Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority has scheduled a free Household Hazardous Waste Drop-Off event Oct. 13 at Chatham High School.
The event, to be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine, will allow Morris County residents to properly discard unwanted hazardous household products that have accumulated in their homes.
Electronic waste (used consumer electronics) will not be accepted. Visit or call 973.829.8006 for E-Waste disposal information.
Morris County residents who have done their cleaning projects can drop-off, at no charge, unwanted hazardous materials.
The list of acceptable hazardous materials includes: pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, oil-based paints, stains, paint thinners and removers, solvents, automotive fluids, lead acid and rechargeable batteries, pool chemicals and darkroom chemicals.
Also accepted are aerosol cans (not empty), propane and helium cylinders, small quantities of asbestos (wetted, double bagged and sealed with duct tape-100 pound limit), driveway sealant, roofing tar, fluorescent bulbs, PCB-ballasts, mercury thermometers and switches, household cleaning products, muriatic acid.
Latex paint is not considered hazardous, so it is not accepted. Explosive or highly reactive materials, such as picric acid or nitro compounds, also will not be accepted.
It is important to note that these events are for residential household waste. Businesses are not permitted to attend these disposal events.
Visit the Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority website for information and directions, at The MUA also accepts household hazardous waste by appointment only at its Mount Olive Transfer Station. For information, visit:
Questions? Call the MUA at 973-829-8006 or visit

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