Free Roof For Deserving Family Brings Some Relief

Gordon and Joan Wideonor of Port Murray have been named as winner of a new roof in Jeff Alte Jr. Roofing & Siding’s No Roof Left Behind initiative. 

Unfortunately, Gordon won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of the new roof.  He passed away soon after the final votes were in and he received the news that his family had been selected as the recipient.   He lost his battle with lung cancer, but was grateful and relieved to know that his wife would soon have a dry roof over her head. 

No Roof Left Behind is a nationwide program that gives folks in the community a way to help their good neighbors that have fallen on hard times. The No Roof Left Behind program provides a local contractor the framework to provide a new roof at no cost to a deserving homeowner in need.

The Wideonor’s roof has been tarped for some time and there is extensive interior damage.  The Wideonors were already struggling to make ends meet when Gordon was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Joan, who works as a bus driver, was trying to hold things together when she stopped Jeff Alte Jr. on the road this spring to ask about roof repairs.  What she really needs is a new roof, but had no way to pay for it.  As Gordon’s health declined, son Brandon nominated his parents for the roof giveaway. 

The Widenors were selected as one of four finalists from a record 35 entries in the company’s 4th annual roof giveaway.  Nominations were submitted by homeowners in Warren, Morris and Sussex counties.  A month-long online public vote took place to determine the winner.  With the support of their friends and neighbors, as well as local fire and EMS squads, the votes flew in to put the Widenors over the top as the winners.  Brandon has been involved for years with the local fire and EMS squads, and Joan is on the Ladies Auxiliary.  The family said it is so thankful for all who have rallied behind them and helped to spread the word about the vote. 

The roof install was scheduled to be completed by the end of September.  Others who  have partnered with Jeff Alte, Jr. include ABC Supply Co. of Randolph and GAF Materials Corp., in Parsippany,  supplied roofing materials; Global Waste Industries provided a dumpster on site for the old roof materials; and Hollie Studios of Hackettstown donated all lawn signs.  

“We are very pleased with the success that this initiative has brought bringing so many members of our community together,’’ said Alte. “We are excited to be close to seeing the project completed for our very deserving winner.  This year’s winner and their story has been especially hard to see unfold in front of our eyes, but we are happy to be the silver lining in their lives right now as they struggle to move forward without Gordon.”  

For more information about Jeff Alte Jr. Roofing & Siding, their No Roof Left Behind program,  call 908-850-8558 or visit or

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