Girl Scout Troop Hosts Bake Sale, Raises Funds to Improve Playground

Girl Scout Troop 5056 out of Mount Olive hosted a recent bake sale where the team raised $150 to go toward necessary upgrades to the Flanders Playground. Sophia Damelio was happy to donate, hoping it inspires others.
“To inspire others to bring their community friends together.” Damelio said.
Sister Ava is hoping that the new playground will bring more people together.

“I hope to bring more friends to the neighborhood.” Sister Gabriella echoes her sister’s statements and hopes for younger kids to visit. “I hope little kids will go there more.”

Jayden Nessim and Christopher Nessim are hoping to help revitalize the area so all kids have a place to go. “To have a place that is fun, nice and close to home. Where all our friends in the area can meet and have an amazing time, instead of staying home.”
As with technology these days, the kids are also hoping to inspire some physical fitness.

Jayden Pagan said “More kids need to get outside instead of sitting inside on video games and phones.” His brother Christian said “We want a nice place to go that isn’t run down. This is the closest park and we need to keep up with it.”

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