Giving Homes A Face Lift: Magnolia Home Remodeling Group Does it All

By Dawn M Chiossi


     A home is much more than a house. It is much more than four walls, a foundation, and rooms. Much more than just a place to eat and flop down for the night, homes are often an extension of the people who live in them. At their best, homes can be a place for family dinners, a place to binge-watch favorite shows, a hub for sociability, or just a comforting oasis away from the world.


  Homes are an investment, literally and figuratively.  It is often said that people do not own their homes–their homes own them. Even though the saying is often uttered off the cuff, there is a nugget of truth in it.


     The best homes give off good vibes. Everyone strives to make their home be a place of comfort, a place that is both restful and pretty. They aim to make their home a place where they can enjoy their solitude as well as the company of others. 


    It is a fact that, invariably with time, homes will deteriorate. As every homeowner knows, there will be wear and tear on them; they will need improvements, renovations, and refurbishments. In time, people may decide to do a home makeover, or even make improvements to sell it. In all of these instances, their homes will need a kind of face lift.  


     When this happens, people need to put their house and home into the hands of trusted professionals to rejuvenate it for whatever purpose they need.    


     Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is just such a business.


     Founded in 1995, Magnolia Home Remodeling Group is a New Jersey Home Remodeling & Home Improvement Contractor. Located at 1640 Vauxhall Rd in Union Township, these hard workers seek to help their customers make their home its best. Whether customers would like their homes to go the nip and tuck route, or seek to have a showstopper of a home, Magnolia Homes strives to make them as pretty as a magnolia and several times as strong.    


      Serving areas in Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union, and Warren counties, Magnolia Home can do it all. They specialize in both interior and exterior remodeling in the New Jersey area. 

    With over 25 years of industry experience, they are a licensed New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor. This family owned business was founded by brothers-in-law and partners, Vic Fiore and Chris Fontana.


     For this close-knit staff, family pride and reputation is everything. At Magnolia Home Remodeling Group, they take pride in their work as well as their business.


      Fully insured and licensed, Magnolia Home Remodeling is a full-service business. They specialize in installing vinyl siding, roofing, and windows, as well as kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling. They also offer porch remodeling, decks, masonry, patios, additions, levels and more.   

     Additionally, they offer a variety of affordable product choices to fit any budget. They facilitate affordable, no-hassle financing to help their customers. They also offer custom options to cap off the look of the home to make it unique to homeowners.

     Offering the best in customer service, Magnolia Home seeks to make their customers feel comfortable and satisfied with their progress throughout the home projects. They stress communication, workmanship, professionalism and so much more.

      According to Fiore, “We describe this business as family owned and operated. I chose to work in this industry because I enjoy working with people. Every home project is so different that it makes every day new and exciting,” he says.

     The same sentiment is echoed by Fontana, “I didn’t want to be stuck behind a desk all day, I wanted to work with people. They have their own personalities and the work is different every day.”

     It’s all paramount at Magnolia Home. They ask that all homeowners be present at the consultation so everyone is on the same page, and will have confidence in Magnolia and the job they are doing with their home.

     “We give the personal touch to each job,” Fontana says, “We sit down with everyone so that nothing gets lost in translation. We are always available for our customers.” 

    Knowing that a home improvement job can be scary for their clients, Fontana explains that they strive to make their customer’s experience a positive one.

     “That includes taking pride in the level of workmanship and transparency, having a real relationship with the customers and making sure that the customers have trust in the project,” he tells. “The customers in turn, appreciate what we do.”

     For the owners of this family contracting business, having respect, professionalism, and consistency is key. Not only for their customers, but to build a stellar reputation as well. For them, it is all in the details. Even something as simple as cleaning up when the job is finished creates a positive and lasting impression on homeowners.          

 With consistent five-star ratings, Magnolia Home Remodeling Group has even been named a Super Service Award Winner for several years running from Angie’s List.

     They have many repeat customers as well. The reason for that lies in their customer service and desire to make homeowners happy. When a question needs answering, or someone has a concern, it is guaranteed that they will speak to an owner.

     “I’d use them again,” is something people say over and over again.            

     Magnolia Home Remodeling Group fervently believes in giving back to the community as well. The company was even featured on TV’s George to the Rescue on April 27th, when they lent more than a hand to Union County’s Munt Family. 

     The family suffered a terrible tragedy on Thanksgiving in 2017 when husband and father, 46-year-old Alex Munt passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

     The community quickly rallied around the family doing all they could to help, and that included George to the Rescue and Magnolia Home Remodeling Group. They jumped right in to help the family with their home improvements by giving the house a total makeover.

     Magnolia Home not only donated construction supplies and labor for the project, they were the lead contractor as well.

     “We are proud to be able to do this,” Fontana enthuses. “To take the worry and the risk out of a job for our clients. It is an honor.”

    Fontana mentions they have also worked on projects for the Make A Wish Foundation and in South Jersey helping a disabled child. They also work on a regular basis with police, firemen, and first responders to use their talents and skills to make their lives a little better.

   That’s what it’s all about for the owners of Magnolia Home.  Perhaps nothing demonstrates this more than a memory Fontana shares. “There was a widow whose husband had just recently passed. Her house needed work, and her money was understandably tight. She had been suspicious and hesitant to work with us at first because she’d had a bad experience with another contractor.”

     Undaunted, Magnolia Home Remodeling set out to help.

      “We worked with her,” Fontana explains.  “Starting out, she had been very affected by her previous experience. We understood that, took everything into consideration, and went above and beyond to change it for her.” 

 Check them out on Yelp, Angie’s List, Better Business Bureau, or their list of references. 

       Taking pride in their family and business reputation, Magnolia Home Remodeling Group puts their heart in customer’s homes. Giving homes the face lift they deserve; they make homes as beautiful as their name implies.

 For further information, details, or a free estimate, call 855-624-6655 or visit

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