Grace Community Opens Its Ears To International Sound

LYRA, The Russian Vocal Ensemble of St. Petersburg has a quartet currently touring the U.S. that plans to give a concert as part of Grace Community Music at Grace Church on Mon., Sept. 12, at 7:30 at Grace Church in Madison. Admission is by donation at the door.
LYRA is a community of professional musicians. Most members are students or postgraduates of Saint-Petersburg Conservatoire, working in different choirs of Saint-Petersburg. Though the members represent different musical professions: choir conductors, opera singers, instrumentalists, music teachers – they are all united by love for choir and ensemble singing.

The choir community LYRA includes about 25 people who usually tour in small groups of soloists consisting of four to sixpeople. The main goal of LYRA is exploring and popularizing Russian choir music. Through performances, it introduces the enormous musical heritage of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as traditions of Russian folk music. Music ranges from ancient songs of the Orthodox Church to works of little-known, but remarkable composers.

Members of the Grace Church Adult Choir and School Choir II, which is sixth graders and up, will join them for the finale of the first half of the concert. For the second half of the concert the quartet will perform different folk songs of lyric, dancing and ritual nature, as well as their own arrangements of folk songs.
Come on out for this rare international opportunity right here in Madison. For more information, call 201-274-4617.

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