Greenbaum’s Leadership Spotlighted in Mt. Olive 

By Cheryl Conway 

Former Mt.  Olive Twp. Mayor Rob Greenbaum was lauded at the last Mt. Olive Twp. Council meeting for his dedication and civil leadership for the past dozen years.

Township officials shared his proclamation and awarded him with a plaque at the January 23 council meeting. Greenbaum served as mayor from November 2011 through December 2023 when he was elected consecutively to three four year terms.

Newly elected Mayor Joe Nicastro read his proclamation at the meeting and thanked him for his leadership.

Nicastro called Greenbaum his best friend and “a good mentor for me from the beginning. I hope I can follow in your steps and do just as well as you.”

Mt. Olive Twp. Business Administrator Andrew Tatarenko thanked him for all of the hard work he had done over the years and for the opportunity of working for him for the past six plus years.

“I learned a lot under your leadership,” said Tatarenko.

According to the proclamation, Greenbaum was born in New City, New York, and attended the State University of New York at Oneonta for his undergraduate degree and Cardoza Law School for his law degree.

He moved to Mt. Olive Twp. in 1997 with his former wife, Beth, and they raised three children Sydney, Jackie and Halle. He was elected president of the Flanders Crossing Homeowners Association in 1998; councilman of the Mt. Olive Twp.  Council in 2001, and again in 2005 and 2009, during that ten-year period serving on the Planning Board, Environmental Commission and as council president for numerous successive appointments.

He was first elected as Mt. Olive Twp. mayor in November 2011 and again in 2015 and 2019.  

During his tenure, Greenbaum has made major contributions for the benefit of local residents including, infrastructure, communication, and creating a sense of community. 

While serving 22 years as an elected official, Greenbaum had to deal with difficult community issues, the Paramus bus crash, the October 2011 Halloween Nor’easter, Superstorm Sandy, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has also shown his dedication to the businesses in Mt. Olive by traveling to sister city Carpegna, Italy, to strengthen relations with Fratelli Beretta, a Mt. Olive Township based business, as well participating in numerous grand openings.

“Through it all, Robert has been there for the community, has shed many tears regarding the loss and hardships Mt. Olive Twp. has suffered, as well as celebrated the many achievements and milestones such as the 150th Anniversary of Mt. Olive Township, creating a renowned recreational facility at Turkey Brook Park, being fiscally responsible and making Mt. Olive Township a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

“Robert has helped more residents with personal issues than can be recounted,” it continues.

Greenbaum has previously been recognized and received awards from the State of New Jersey, the New Jersey League of Municipalities, the Twp. of Mt. Olive, the athletic programs and civic organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, The Land Conservancy of New Jersey and Morris County Municipal Action to Curb Hunger. 

“Robert is being recognized for his tireless efforts, outstanding vision, and dedication to Mt. Olive Township.”

Greenbaum, who currently lives in Mt. Olive with his longtime girlfriend Kelly Hyde, was honored for the spotlight.

“I do appreciate the recognition,” said Greenbaum at the council meeting. “It’s been a great honor to serve this township for 22 years plus, and to live here and watch all of us work together to create a sense of community, recreational facilities that are second to none and work for the betterment of all of our residents.

“I look forward to great success of this administration and governing body in years to come,” he concluded. 

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