Gubernatorial Candidate Holds Town Hall in Hackettstown

Singh Speaks at Freedom Loving Patriots

With New Jersey being one of only two States in the US holding a Gubernatorial race this year, the Republican field of candidates has narrowed to just a handful of contenders.  On Friday March 26, 2021, Gubernatorial Candidate Hirsh Singh spoke to a group of citizens in a town hall format at Bea McNally’s in Hackettstown New Jersey.  “They didn’t shut down Home Depot, they didn’t shut down big business, we are going to open up our State.”, Singh asserted as he described the response his administration would have to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.  “We haven’t even seen the impact of this shutdown yet” the candidate warned, describing the state of the economy on both local and national levels.  Singh, born in Atlantic City and earning his engineering degree from NJIT in Newark, ran a successful high tech business in the defense and aerospace industry prior to running for public office.  Issues ranging from economic recovery, election integrity and free speech were on the agenda for the Friday evening talk.  “We need body cams on each of these election workers” Singh stated regarding election integrity to the resounding applause from more than 80 New Jersey voters in attendance.  Big tech censorship and a message of demanding greater transparency through “punitive damages” of social media firms to stop the suppression of free speech further differentiated the candidate from his opponents.  “I’m a single issue second amendment voter, what will you do to support my rights?” asked one attendee to which Singh responded that he is firmly in support of the Second Amendment which he sees as the ultimate protection for citizens to defend themselves and their families.  Singh reiterated the importance of hitting financial targets to force a sanctioned debate of Republican candidates leading up to the June primary, explaining that fundraising thresholds are used to determine if a debate will be held and asked the audience that if they shared the same beliefs, donate at with any amount, “If you donate $1, at least I know I’ve got your vote” Hirsh stated as he wrapped up his talk.


“We really need to drive change locally, in our own communities, there is no-one flying in to save us.”, commented Donna Appel, owner of Soups on Main in Hackettstown and founder of the grass roots group “Freedom Loving Patriots”, during her opening address.  The importance of getting engaged in local government as a means to effect positive change was a common theme from all who presented during the meeting which drew residents from various counties of the State.  The Town Hall was held during the Freedom Loving Patriots group’s weekly meeting which normally covers local issues and the impact of current legislation moving through the State Assembly.  “You can’t just sit on the couch and share memes and think you have done your part, you have to learn about what is going on in your own backyard and get involved” said one attendee when asked why she has been attending political meetings on Friday nights at a soup store in Hackettstown.  The Town Hall meeting was one of many events regularly held by the group which also hosts “Constitution Alive” on Thursday evenings with a purpose of educating people on the meaning and value of the Nation’s founding principles using videos, lecture and open discussion. “Educating ourselves and others” being one of the pillars within the group’s purpose statement, Thursday afternoons hosts “History of America” for children and youth at Soups on Main, 199 Main Street, Hackettstown, with a focus on civics and good citizenship in a fun and interactive format.  The group also hosts a Tuesday evening video series titled “Wake up America” where various topics are explored and attendees can freely discuss the impact on our Nation and local community.


Freedom Loving Patriots is a Grass Roots Organization which has grown from a few engaged citizens discussing current events to an organization comprised of New Jersey residents from all corners of the State.  The mission of the organization is to identify and help elect or appoint defenders of liberty, educating themselves and others while impeding the communist and socialist encroachment into our schools and society.


Attendees of the Freedom Loving Patriots meetings come from all walks of life and celebrate a diversity of ideas and open debate.  The group sees peaceful and lawful political engagement and activism as the only means to turn the course of what is recognized as the dangerous trend of cancel culture and dismantling of our most cherished rights and values.  To learn more about participation and becoming active please contact


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