Hackettstown Library Turns 110

It celebrates with a unique, interactive contest covering favorite films 

by Jeff Garrett


HACKETTSTOWN – It’s been quite a year for the Hackettstown Public Library as it 

continues to celebrate 110 years of service to the community.

The library was founded in 1913 as a resource center for citizens. It has grown 

with the times and modernized periodically like many public resource facilities 

across the country. 

Its patrons continue to be the most important segment of the library community 

so to celebrate 110 years, the Hackettstown library staff decided to let folks in on 

some of the fun by having patrons nominate their favorite book or movie to be 

included in the 110 best in categories like drams, comedy, sports, romance 

western, mystery and sci-fi among others.

“It’s not a major anniversary like 50 or 100, but we want to celebrate it 

nonetheless,” said Library Director Jerry Galante at the beginning of September 

when the contests kicked off.  Folks have until Oct. 31 to suggest their favorite 

movie titles with 25 folks earning a prize for their participation.  Galante added 

that the way the spread the word to others to heighten awareness and 

participation in the competition. 

If you want to enter, people can suggest titles by way of the library’s website at 

www.hackettstownlibrary.org or enter by visiting the facility at 110 Church Street, 

Hackettstown, in-person. After all of the entries are in the 110 best will be shown 

on social media and available in paper form at the library itself.

Galante and the library staff also urge fans of books or movies that the library 

doesn’t own, to donate them to the facility’s collection for which a plate or sticker

with the donator’s name will appear on the item.  

September is also Library Card Month nationwide.  To get a free Hackettstown 

library card which is available to anyone who lives, works or goes to school in

Hackettstown, you can apply in person at the library or go to 


In 2013, the library turned 100 and commemorated the milestone by burying a 

time capsule which will be open in 2113. It contains items from 2013 like a 

bestselling book, DVD, CD, magazines, a kindle, electronic readers, ebooks, 

photographs of the library and historical remnants such as scenes from 


Over the course of 110 years the library has grown from 750 books to over 36,000 


The library is open from 9am-8pm Monday through Thursday, from 9am-5pm on 

Friday and from Saturday from 10am-3pm and is closed on Sundays.  It’s phone 

number is 908-852-4936.



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