Hackettstown Scouts Advance, Earn Badges

Boy Scout Troop 158 of Hackettstown recently held its quarterly Court of Honor. The scouts have been busy working on various rank requirements and merit badges over the past three months. Five scouts earned their Rank Advancement, while 17 scouts earned a total of 63 merit badges.

The following scouts earned rank advancement: Second Class Rank: Ryan Due, Matthew Kmetz, John Trinneer; Star Rank: Jamie Bragg; Life Rank: Andrew Kmetz; Eagle Palms: Reid Captain; Bronze Palm, Alex Ward; Silver, Gold & Bronze Palm, National Outdoor Award: Alex Ward; Camping, Order of the Arrow: Jamie Bragg, Andrew Kmetz.

The following scouts earned Merit Badges:  

Jamie Bragg – Engineering, Environmental Science, Shotgun; Tommy Buchanan – Aviation; Reid Captain – Engineering, Chemistry, Weather, Mammal Study; Matthew Cifuentes – Chemistry, Woodcarving, Leatherwork; Johnnie DeHuff – Chemistry, Aviation; Ryan Due – First Aid, Pioneering, Communications, Fingerprinting, Art, Aviation; Chris Flannagan – Animation, Leatherworks, Robotics, Aviation; Patrick Flannagan – Electricity, Small Boat Sailing, Rifle Shooting, Aviation; Patrick Jolly – Aviation; Andrew Kmetz – Shotgun, Small Boat Sailing, Canoeing, Pioneering, Horsemanship, Aviation; Matthew Kmetz – First Aid, Pioneering, Basketry, Swimming, Photography, Horsemanship, Aviation; JJ McFadden – Electricity, Small Boat Sailing;  Logan McFadden – First Aid, Fingerprinting; Kabir Mirza – Weather, Environmental Science, Emergency Prep., Aviation; Michael Thompson – Shotgun; John Trinneer – Pioneering, Photography, First Aid, Basketry, Horsemanship, Weather, Aviation; Alex Ward – Woodcarving, Fish & Wildlife Management, Fingerprinting, Emergency Prep., Archery, Aviation.

Nights of Camping Awards:

Ryan Due: 20 nights of camping; John Trinneer: 30 nights of camping; Alex Ward: 50 nights of camping.


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