Hackettstown Women’s Group Gives Back To Community, Looks For More Members

Hackettstown Women’s Group Gives Back To Community, Looks For More Members


By Ejvind Boccolini


A local Hackettstown club is empowering women and hoping to spread the word about its worthy cause with an upcoming membership drive on Aug. 22.


Adriana Martinez, Soroptimist International of Hackettstown president, notes that their cause is certainly a good one.


“We are a global non-profit organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment,” says Martinez. “Our organization consists of women from our community, giving back to our community.”


The group’s outlook is helpful to women on a community level and a national one.


“Because we are a non-profit organization, we hold fundraisers to gain revenue which we in turn give back to the community,” she said.


“We have donated funds to organizations such as, Warren County Arc, Warren Haven, Norwescap, Domestic Abuse & Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Warren County, to name a few.”


Each month, the club has its business meetings that often feature talks from successful, compassionate women helping women in the community. Also, additional fundraisers are held throughout the year as well.


They have had speakers from organizations such as Care Net of Warren County, the Melissa O’Mara Fund and Diann’s Gift & Collectibles.


“Because we are part of an international organization, we have had the opportunity to attend United Nation conferences; we also have regional and district conferences throughout the year. We hold monthly meetings where we talk club business, and host speakers from different local organizations/businesses that support causes we believe in.”

And for those women in the public who are interested, now is the time to get involved.

A Membership Drive will be held on Aug. 22 at the Warren County Library in Independence from 1 p.m.-2:30 p.m. Soroptimist members recently could be seen at the library making plans for its upcoming event. They are now looking to spread the word and emphasize their helpful cause to women in the community.


“Through all these busy activities we manage to socialize, network, and have fun.”


To find out more about the club in general before attending the membership drive, see on Facebook: Soroptimist International of Hackettstown.


At https://www.soroptimist.org it poses the question, “Why Women and Girls?”


“Throughout history women and girls face additional obstacles and discrimination solely because of their gender. As an organization of business and professional women we feel uniquely qualified to help women and girls live their dreams.”


Unfortunately, many women are also victims of violence, human trafficking, and other forms of abuse.


The website also reads that, “By initiating club projects that benefit women and girls, and by honoring women who help women and girls, Soroptimist clubs and members improve the status of women and girls. Soroptimist projects and programs aid women economically, and empower them to make positive changes in their lives and their communities.”


Also, “It’s true that both men and women live in poverty, face discrimination and must overcome obstacles. But throughout history, in every country in the world, women and girls face additional obstacles and discrimination solely because of their gender.”


For the Hackettstown Soroptimists, Martinez said, “I believe women within our community would love to be part of our organization because we are an organization consisting of loving, caring women who want to help women and girls live their dreams everyday by giving them the resources to create positive change- for themselves, their families and our communities.”

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