Hanover Park Regional High School District Partnership 


Hanover Park Regional High School District has partnered with New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Inc. (NJMEP), a non for profit organization that offers certification and apprenticeships in the field of manufacturing, to offer a new course called Logistics and Manufacturing in the 2022-23 school year. The Logistics and Manufacturing course provides two certification programs: supply chain logistics technician and manufacturing production technician. The certified logistics technician course program prepares individuals for front-line material handling and supply chain logistics jobs in fulfillment centers, warehouses, distribution centers, and factories. The certified production technician course program prepares and certifies individuals for career pathways in advanced manufacturing. Both certification programs deliver 21st century, in-demand skills needed for long-term career paths in over 6 million supply chain and frontline production jobs. The certification programs are nationally accredited and federally recognized. The course is open to 12th grade students only and there are no prerequisites. Upon completion of the certification courses in their senior year, NJMEP will work with the students to provide apprenticeships and long-term job placement in production and manufacturing companies and organizations. 

With only a few weeks into the school year, the Logistics and Manufacturing students have already learned multiple content and skills in the area of logistics and environment with a focus on supply chain processes. Built into the course are monthly field trips to various manufacturing industries and companies where students can gain exposure to different fields of manufacturing, learn about the multi-faceted roles and responsibilities of job titles in the field of manufacturing, speak to employees and see how collaboration, teamwork, and problem-solving skills are essential to productivity and efficiency, and witness how logistics and manufacturing fit into real world applications and solutions. 

Most recently, the Logistics and Manufacturing students visited Norwalt Design Inc. in Randolph, NJ. Students experienced and saw how employees in the company planned, designed, and built high speed automated multi-part assembly machines. The students saw how Norwalt provides custom assembly solutions for a wide range of industries: medical devices, personal care, household products, food and beverage, and communications. Additionally, the students witnessed the interconnectedness of skills in computer programming, machinery, electronics, communication, computer aided drawing and design, logistics and business management. Furthermore, the students experienced the importance of collaboration, communication, troubleshooting, and problem-solving in making solutions. These are 21st century life and career skills that are essential for our students to learn as they pursue their career and future endeavors. 

Overall, the Logistics and Manufacturing course has catapulted to a great start and the students are excited, motivated, and are looking forward to the content, skills, and applications that they will be learning throughout the school year. 


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