Heath Village Resident Rings In 105th Birthday

Heath Village resident Howard Lindemann celebrated his 105th birthday on June 23.


“I tried to live the best way possible,” was his response when recently asked his secret for living to the age of 105. Lindemann’s family and friends would say he more than met his goal for living the “best way possible.” In fact, Howard epitomizes a life well lived.

Married 52 years to Elinor, they moved to Heath Village in 1998 from Syosset, N.Y. Unfortunately, Howard lost Elinor in 2005 but he is very lucky to have an adoring family that includes his step-daughter and husband, and two step-grandchildren and two step-great grandchildren and nieces and nephews.

Prior to coming to Heath Village, Lindemann founded Lindly & Company in 1949 in Mineola, NY. An optical and technical equipment company for illuminated microscopes, Lindly & Company invented the first Narrow Yarn Inspector to inspect yarn for flaws and broken filament in multi-filament line such as nylon and acetate. They were the first to design such equipment. Up until this time, all inspection was done by sight. Lindly invented other equipment for textile quality control as well. All American suture material and all tire cord were inspected on Lindly equipment at one point. They had agents throughout Europe. The company was sold and reorganized in 1998 – the same year he and Elinore came to live at Heath Village.

Outside of his successful career, Lindemann had many hobbies and was very active. He loved to golf, ski, fly fish, garden and hike. He helped break ground for many of Heath Village’s current nature trails.

Lindemann also was an avid wood worker. He helped build several pieces of playground equipment for the Friendship Center, the intergenerational preschool located on the Heath Village campus. He also built furniture and shelving for the Heath House library. As recently as this past March, Lindemann participated in Heath Village’s Grand Re-Opening of its craft shop.

As his love was to ski, Lindemann won ski racing medals and is in the 70+, 80+ and 90+ Ski Club. His last ski trip was to Gray Rocks in Canada with his granddaughter and her family at age 92.

Lindemann is one of the oldest residents ever to have lived at Heath Village. He is also the oldest living graduate of Lafayette College where he studied engineering and was in the 100th Graduation Class of 1932. He also received his master’s degree from Cornell.

Lindemann is a truly a remarkable individual and Heath Village is incredibly lucky that he and Elinor made the decision to come to live here. We can never thank him enough for all his contributions. Happy Birthday Howard!

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