Heath Village Retiree Displays Handmade Quilts

Heath Village resident Kathie Herling is currently presenting her exhibit “Quilting,’’ at the Washington Township retirement community.

Formerly of Gouldsboro, Pa., Herling, along with her husband Bill, moved to Heath Village in 2017.

Her exhibit includes many of her beautiful quilts. Her interest in quilting goes back many years but it wasn’t until she retired and had the time to devote to this hobby that her passion for it really took off. Extremely talented and patient, some of her quilts can take almost two years to complete. She has made a quilt for each of her children when they got married and now continues this tradition for her grandchildren.

She enjoys quilting so much that she even took a class on the subject at the Smithsonian while living in Virginia. Her exhibit shows a variety of different fabric and designs that she has used over the years. She has very generously agreed to sell a few of her quilts and donate the proceeds to the Heath Village Friendship Fund.  

The exhibit is open to the public and members of the public are encouraged to visit. To learn more or to schedule a visit, contact Melissa Nichols at 908-684-5006.

Heath Village is a full-service retirement community located in Washington Township. For further information, call 908-852-4801 or visit   www.heathvillage.com.   


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