Hello Mount Olive and Happy 150th Birthday!

From the Editor


I’m Megan Roche, the proud editor of Mount Olive Life. Along with the publishers, I hope you enjoy this commemorative issue of our publication, celebrating this historic milestone in Mount Olive’s history. We’ve uncovered so many interesting facts about the township through piecing this issue together. 


We began working on this special edition early in 2020. From planning out our stories to tracking down the oldest families throughout the township, this issue was an extremely big undertaking. As the editor, I got the opportunity to help bring the history and interesting stories to you throughout these pages. 


As a kid, I grew up in neighboring Long Valley (Washington Township) and I was in Mount Olive almost every day. Whether I was heading to the ITC to do some shopping, visiting my favorite restaurants, or conducting interviews, I always felt like I had a second home in Mount Olive. I am so excited to see the culmination of this issue, especially now that it is in print.


I’d like to take a second to thank some very important people who made this issue possible. Many thanks to Thea Dunkle, township historian, who provided multiple interviews, photographs, and historical documents to my writers to comb through. A special thanks also to the students of the Mount Olive High School Marauder Monthly magazine. The students and staff advisor, Erin Riley-Lepo, were generous in their time of interviewing many school district officials for our publication, especially during a crazy time of virtual learning. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to my writing staff, Steve Sears, Jillian Risberg, Henry Holden, and Elsie Walker, who put in many long hours throughout the last year and a half creating the stories that you will read throughout these pages. 


Mount Olive is a special place, and no doubt that all the 150th anniversary celebrations will encompass all the excitement and more. Happy 150th Birthday Mount Olive, you sure look good!

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