Help Beautify Florham Park And Adopt A Spot

Help Beautify Florham Park And Adopt A Spot

By Cheryl Conway

Spring is just about here and a perfect time to adopt a spot in town to beautify.

Professional landscaping companies are invited to select an area or property in the borough to adorn with flowers, shrubs or even retaining walls and then maintain. Participants are given an 18-inch sign to display within their landscaped area to advertise their company’s name, address and telephone number and announce that they have adopted that spot.

Adopt a Spot is an ideal program underway in the borough of Florham Park and is really a win for contractors and the borough.

By having private contractors sign up to decorate and then maintain areas, the borough can reduce its labor costs as it “frees up borough employees who don’t have to maintain property,” explains Florham Park Borough Administrator William Huyler.

The program also provides free advertising for contractors, allowing them to showcase their work for all who pass by and beautifies the borough, he says.

“It’s an opportunity to advertise what they can do,” he says.

With Adopt A Spot, landscapers sign up and sign an agreement to maintain an island or borough property.

“They pledge to do it for a year,” says Huyler, “as long as they maintain it.” While several sites are already being taken care of, there are “several spots still available,” says Huyler.

Contractors are invited to create whatever landscape they choose.

“They can do whatever they like,” says Huyler. “They are limited with their own imagination” as long as their project does not interfere with intersections or traffic, he adds.



To find out what areas are still available and to sign up, contact Huyler at or call 973- 410-5300.


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