Help Beautify Streets In Roxbury With Buy A Brick Fundraiser Campaign

By Dawn M. Chiossi

When people think of a small town, very often they envision a picturesque Victorian scene on a main street. This is exactly what Roxbury has in mind regarding their Buy a Brick Fundraiser Campaign.

Helping beautify the main street in Roxbury, the Main Street Sweeping Committee was formed in 2005 to help design plans to help beautify main street in Succasunna. Deciding to go with the Victorian style theme, a return to grace, the folks there are now fundraising for Victorian style gas lamp streetlights, a Victorian Clock, and sidewalks with brick trim. There’s even a white gazebo.

This is an ongoing project that has a lovely town center feel to it.

Residents are invited and encouraged to take advantage Roxbury’s Buy a Brick Fundraiser.  They invite everyone to help beautify the main street in Succasunna by purchasing memorial and honorary engraved bricks.

So far approximately 25 orders for engraved bricks have been taken, and approximately 3,000 are expected to be raised.

Roxbury started selling the bricks around 10 years ago, but according to Michelle O’Halloran, executive assistant to Roxbury’s Township Manager John Shepherd, and member of the Main Street Sweeping Committee, they began to promote the campaign in 2017 since there are plenty of blank bricks around the clock that can still be engraved as they still need to raise funds to complete the south side main street improvements.

These bricks are still for sale and will be installed in the courtyard surrounding the Victorian Clock by the Gazebo at the Library.

Remember a loved one, or celebrate them, or just immortalize one’s own name, this is a great way to become part of Roxbury’s history.

Bricks will be $150.

There will be several upcoming fundraising events to bring the community together. These include Olde Suckasunny Day, the block party festival, and the 4th annual Home for the Holidays Festival as well as many more.

O’Halloran says that this new batch of engraved bricks should be completed well in advance of the Home For the Holidays street festival held in December.

“Brick donors can come by and enjoy this fun family event, stop by the clock and see their engraved bricks,” she says.

“We’ve had a nice response,” enthuses O’Halloran.  “It’s nice to see what people are choosing to put on them. One celebrates a mom’s 60th birthday, one celebrates a family being Landing residents since 1965, one commemorates a Succasunna company’s 50th year in business, and one honors the memory of a Korean War Veteran,” says O’Halloran proudly. “It’s touching to see the caring and thought that Roxbury residents put into completing the Buy a Brick order forms  when creating their inscriptions in honor of the memory of their loved ones. “

For further information or details on the Buy a Brick Campaign, or to investigate buying a brick, call Town Hall at 973-448-2002 or contact Michelle O’ Halloran at


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