Help these kittens eyesight.

Our foster homes are filled and we can’t take them, this is a huge medical cost. We could hear their soft purring and we did see their frightened faces, the longing to be picked up and held, wanting the pain to stop, and waiting for the gentle hand of someone that cared.  We can’t walk away, they needed rescue and once again FOWA Rescue came through. 

Meet Viktor and his sisters Velvet, Vamparina, Vipurr, Vesper and VooDoo.  They started their precious lives in one of the darkest places possible, a place a litter of kittens should never be, in an extremely high kill shelter.  Their chances were dismal considering that all six were black, a color which still has a stigma attached to it with many people.  To make their chance of survival even less, all had a hereditary condition called eyelid agenesis, which means that they only had partial eyelids and the eyelashes were painfully rubbing against their eyes.  It’s uncommon to find a cat with this condition, but here sat an entire litter with the condition.   The corrective surgery for these six kittens totals $10,800.  Despite everything going against them, and FOWA having an overabundance of animals in our care and never ending medical bills, a FOWA volunteer decided that FOWA wouldn’t look the other way.  Instead of saying we couldn’t, we choose to say we could.  We could walk away with these adorable kittens in our arms and will do whatever it takes to give them every opportunity to have the medical care they desperately need and find loving homes they deserve.  Even with all the pain they have been enduring since birth, since they sadly know nothing else, they still try to be playful, loving and affectionate.  Now we need you more than ever to say “you could.” We need you to please help and make a donation so they can get the care they urgently need. No tiny kitten should start out life with every blink of their eyes being extremely painful as they try see the world around them.  Think how many times you blink during the day and imagine it feeling like a razor on your eye over and over.  That is what they have felt every day.  Think in a blink of an eye you can make a difference and help us get them the care they need.  Donations for their care can be made at  

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