HHS History Class Visit Honors Memorial Day

Mitch Ellicott, an Ensign in the US Navy, spoke to Lisa Kenny’s and Jeff Ryder’s Global Mosaic classes and Mr. Ryder’s US History II on Tues., May 31.  The purpose of his visit was to highlight the significance of Memorial Day, share with students his experiences during two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, and discuss the impact of PTSD on America’s veterans.

Ellicott shared with the students that his desire to serve was the result of patriotism and personal loss on that fateful day of Sept. 11, 2001.  As part of his presentation, Ellicott discussed various aspects of the ten military uniforms he brought to class.  Students had an opportunity to try on a helmet, the protective vest and the backpack which every soldier carried.  He explained that a soldier’s gear could weigh up to over 100 pounds while serving in conditions that reached 140 degrees in temperature.

He reminded the students of the meaning of Memorial Day, stressed how important it is to never forget those who have fallen in battle and never lose sight of those veterans who face challenges as they transition back into society.

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