Hidden Children of World War II program offered by Historical Society of Florham Park 

The Historical Society of Florham Park is hosting its first of four free and intriguing presentations for the public in 2024 next month.  “Hidden Children of World War II” is scheduled for March 12, 7:00pm at the Florham Park Library.  

 Of the 1,600,000 Jewish children who lived in Europe before World War II, only 100,000 survived the Holocaust. Most were hidden children, shuttered away in attics,cellars, convents or in villages or farms.  Maud P. Dahme, a New Jersey resident, New Jersey Hall of Fame Class of 2014, and former president of the NJ State Board of Education, was among those who were hidden and survived. Dahme was one of the estimated 3,000 to 8,000 Jewish children in the Netherlands who were hidden and saved from the Nazi death camps by courageous Christians.  The Hidden Child, a one-hour high-definition documentary, is Dahme’s own story of courage, hope and bravery in the face of evil and death.

Today,Dahme devotes her life to genocide education. Issues such as tolerance, mutual respect and understanding are discussed in depth in the presentation.   All are welcome and encouraged to attend this important presentation.

 ABOUT The Historical Society of Florham Park

 The Historical Society of Florham Park was founded by a group of women in 1935 to save and preserve the Little Red Schoolhouse.  Located on the corner of Columbia Turnpike and Ridgedale Avenue the former schoolhouse (built in 1866) was converted into a museum. It is the symbol of Florham Park.  Virtually all the artifacts in the museum were donated to and are the responsibility of the Historical Society.

Many know the Historical Society from the informative free presentations such as this one offered for all residents.  Many are familiar with books sponsored by the Historical Society such as SAGA OF A CROSSROADS (per John T. Cunningham, is “a first-rate history, … one of the best local histories every written in New Jersey”.”) and FONDLY FROM FLORHAM (letters written by a girl as she grew up in Florham Park more than 100 years ago  in 1917-1921). 

Still more know the Historical Society of Florham Park from the decades of providing tours of the Little Red Schoolhouse. The Historical Society hopes to once again offer tours in the museum soon, on the first Sunday of each month, as 2024 is the 125th Anniversary of Florham Park.

To learn more about the Little Red Schoolhouse, check- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Red_Schoolhouse_(Florham_Park,_New_Jersey)

Facebook fans can check the Historical Society of Florham Park page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/875453746446134 . And to learn more about The Historical Society of Florham Park contact Peter Nicolasat pnicolas@optimum.net or call at 973-520-8654.


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