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New Years Celebration

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May 10 2021

Roxbury Community Comes Together To Clean Up

Everyone and everything has been affected by the extra pounds from “Quarantine 15”, but Roxbury is now over 2,900 pounds lighter!.

Project Self-Sufficiency Receives Acme Grant for Food Distribution

(Family Features) A budget is one of the most important financial tools in your arsenal, but budgeting isn’t one size fits all. In order to be successful, your budget should reflect your income and spending, but also your desires and need to live a balanced life.

Learn to build a realistic budget with these tips from the financial experts at First Boulevard, a Black-owned digital bank with a mission to

Wild West City to highlight Civil War start 160 years ago with Hackettstown reenactors 

Pet food from source to bowl: Sustainably-minded, traceable and fully pet-approved

(BPT) – Sustainable ingredient sourcing and traceability are driving factors for many of our buying decisions, whether it’s what we eat, how we furnish our homes, what we wear, and now even what we feed our pets.

According to a new survey from Purina, 92 percent of pet owners are interested in learning where their pets’ food is sourced. In fact, many consumers ranked ingredient sourcing and traceability just as high as life stage, breed and activity level when considering what food to

4 areas to consider when doing a home upgrade

(BPT) – With more Americans working remotely, the pandemic has sparked an unprecedented wave of home improvement projects, with three out of four homeowners reporting having completed a major upgrade since the start of 2020. People are spending more time in their homes and are thinking differently about how every available space can help them live, work and play at home. Looking for a project?

Harry Loory Furniture

CCM Professor’s Personal Training Business Named The Best in Hunterdon County

I Remember Dad: Ne’er Be Forgotten, The Haunting Barracks of Fort McClellan

By Richard Mabey Jr.

Prior to enlisting in the United States Army, Lincoln Park was the entire world to my beloved father. Even to travel to Boonton was a big deal. At the age of 17, my dad saw his mother cry as she got the telegram that her son, Edward, was lost at sea.

Raritan Headwaters gets RBC tech grant to boost stream monitoring program 

Embrace these 10 habits to catch more and bigger fish this year

(BPT) – If you’re among the 50 million Americans who plan to wet a line this year, there’s no doubt that as you wait to feel that familiar tug at the end of your fishing line this summer, you’ll ask yourself, “How can I catch more fish and bigger fish?”

Ever since people started to enjoy sport fishing, they’ve been asking that question. It’s a question some of the most recognized names in fishing are often asked — anglers such as Al Lindner, Tony Roach, Mike Iaconelli, Ott DeFoe and Jacob Wheeler.

How tech companies are stepping up to serve small businesses

(BPT) – Small businesses are woefully underserved by traditional financial institutions. In fact, a J.D. Power 2018 U.S. Small Business Banking Satisfaction Study found that nearly 63% of microentrepreneurs believe their bank does not appreciate their business — and only 32% think their bank even understands what they do.

OPINION: The FDA’s Slippery Slope Toward Mandating Raw Broccoli for Breakfast


Attention readers: Mark Shields is off this week. Please enjoy the following column by Veronique de Rugy.

If it doesn’t look like avocado toast, you can’t have it. That’s the message I get loud and clear from Uncle Sam when I read story after story about the Food and Drug Administration’s latest foray into stopping ordinary Americans from doing what ordinary Americans like to do.

How a surprising discovery led to a new cancer screening test

 (BPT) – You may have heard the story about how penicillin was discovered by accident: A Scottish researcher studying the influenza virus came back from vacation to find mold on a culture plate that actually prevented the growth of staphylococci bacteria. 

Make Health a Priority When Remodeling

(Family Features) When you tackle a remodeling project, there are many unknowns, including what types of materials you might uncover. Hazardous materials must be addressed, and possibly removed, if exposed during a remodeling project. 

4 expert tips to save money while feeding your family

(BPT) – While becoming a new mom brings a variety of joyful new experiences, it can also be a challenging adjustment. Paired with an ongoing pandemic, balancing parenthood on top of work and other responsibilities has left many women feeling overwhelmed.

OPINION: None Dare Call It Socialism?

From the right


Stephen Collinson is well-known among conservatives as the most hackneyed of the hacks at CNN. The CNN Politics Twitter account promoted his latest online essay with the words “President Biden to showcase his moderate radicalism in his big congressional address.”

“Moderate radicalism”? Doesn’t that make about as much sense as “quiet loudness”?

Healing Veterans and Helping the Environment Go Hand-in-Hand

(StatePoint) What does helping the environment have to do with veterans suffering from psychological trauma brought about by their combat experience? A lot, actually.



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