Hopatcong Borough Schools Celebrate Character Day

The Hopatcong Borough School District celebrated Character Day Thur., Sept. 22. All students in the district were educated on good character and were encouraged to display examples of good character throughout the day and school year.

Students and staff at Hudson Maxim School in Hopatcong kicked off their Bucket Filling Character Education Program with a Pep Rally.  Students and staff were all dressed in “I am a Bucket Filler” t-shirts in a rainbow of colors.  The t-shirts were purchased by School Counselor Lisa Schuffenhauer with grant funding from a Hopatcong Education Association PRIDE Grant.  This year staff and students will be “Connecting with Character,” using the Character Counts Six Pillars Program for Character Education in conjunction with the school-wide theme of Bucket Filling, which is based on the book, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today? Each color t-shirt represents one of the Six Pillars of Character.

Filling buckets with respect, citizenship, caring, fairness, responsibility and trustworthiness is infused into lessons every day at Hudson Maxim.  Each month the students will study one of the pillars in depth with class lessons, children’s literature, demonstrations, daily announcements, daily bucket filling notes and monthly certificates.  The t-shirts will be worn at community events, on field trips, and each month throughout the year to celebrate the pillars and bucket filling school spirit.

Tulsa Trail embraced Character Day by not only celebrating within the walls of the school but by also thanking community agencies and people within Hopatcong who have dedicated their livelihoods to demonstrating the six pillars of good character.

Students and staff expressed their most influential character trait by wearing the color of their identified pillar. Tulsa Trail students and staff will rejoice with a student created bulletin board dedicated to the pillar of trustworthiness which was tallied as the number one trait that day. Students have already started to create posters to fill hallways with illustrations about trustworthiness.

A bulletin board was also dedicated to a student who has consistently demonstrated all of the good character traits described by the six pillars! Ryan Kovach was named the Good Character Super Hero!

Students acknowledged the Hopatcong community service agencies and members for dedicating their lives to fulfilling the six Pillars of Good Character by creating letters or pictures thanking the members for all they do in the community.

At Durban Avenue School all students and staff were given the opportunity to vote on their strongest character trait by choosing one from the six Pillars of Character. Each trait was represented by a color. On Character Day all students and staff wore the color that best represented their strongest character trait along with a matching color hat.
At the middle school, students participated in a graffiti wall. Students from each grade level participated by writing one way they demonstrated good character during the past week like holding the door for another student, doing chores without being told and turning in money they found on the floor. 

Hopatcong High School integrated character day by announcing over the intercom quotes that reflected the meaning of good character. In addition during every lunch period students were given the opportunity to share what they felt was their best character by writing on a paper camera to be displayed on a bulletin board outside the lunchroom.

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