I Remember Mom: Precious Be, The Goodness of Love

By Richard Mabey Jr.


In the beginning of December of 2001, my mom, Janet Kemmerer Mabey, was diagnosed with having a brain aneurysm in the Circle of Willis in her brain. It was devastating news for all of us. The good people in our church prayed for Mom. Friends and relatives sent cards, telephoned Mom, and came to visit. Mom’s brain surgery was set for the middle of January. The reason that there was such a time delay is that the brain surgeon needed to set up an entire team for Mom’s surgery.


I was amazed at how calm Mom was about it all. She did not panic at all, but instead held a deep and strong faith in the Lord. It was all so inspiring.


Every night, after supper, Mom would read her Bible to our family Shetland Sheepdog, Foxy. It is one of the most heart-warming memories I have of my mom. Here is the incredible thing. Foxy would sit on Mom’s lap, her front legs would rest upon the kitchen table, and Foxy would intently listen to every word that my mother spoke. It was all so endearing.


Here is another amazing thing. As soon as we all finished cleaning up after supper and washing and drying the dishes, Foxy would come into the kitchen, from the living room, and walk over to Mom and look up at her. It was as if Foxy was saying, “time to read the Bible, Mom!” To this day, that memory still warms my heart.


Foxy would jump up on the kitchen bench seat, Mom would sit down, and Foxy would hop onto Mom’s lap. Mom would then open up her Bible and begin reading the Bible aloud to dear, sweet little Foxy. I regret that I never videotaped the moment.


Mom and Foxy had such a wonderful and loving relationship. Little Foxy just loved my mom. Foxy passed away in March of 2015. My mom cried and cried for days. My mom passed away in 2019, just two days before Christmas Day.


I know in my heart of hearts that Mom and Foxy are now reunited. I’ve heard religious leaders tell me that would not be possible. And, of course, I most sincerely as the question, can God be limited? Can love be limited? Are there unexplained, unseen forces that are beyond our human understanding? I know for certain that there is a Divine One guiding the universe and guiding our lives. I know that the Divine One cannot be limited by human beliefs, opinions, and doctrine. And I know that love has an infinite goodness, that cannot be limited.


These are tough times. Inflation is out of control. The rumors of war are overwhelming. All so many people are questioning if our political leaders in Washington truly have our best interests at heart. All of this leads to worry, worry, and more worry. Love is the key. Love one another. Focus your priority on your loved ones. Tell them that you love them. For love is truly a great and wonderful source of infinite goodness.


Richard Mabey Jr. is a freelance writer. He can be reached at richardmabeyjr@hotmail.com. Please put on the subject line: I Remember Mom.

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