James Caldwell High Fourth Marking Period Shop Rite STARS

The Shop Rite STARS program is sponsored by the West Caldwell Shop Rite.  The STARS Awards are designed to recognize the most consistently active and engaged students in a school population.  Students are chosen each marking period throughout the school year with input from administration and faculty.  Seniors are most often nominated for outstanding performance in their field over time.  James Caldwell High School’s Shop Rite STARS have their photos displayed on a plaque in the school and also at the West Caldwell Shop Rite.  All five winners were presented certificates of outstanding achievement from Mr. Jim Devlin, James Caldwell High School Principal.  

James Caldwell High School Shop Rite Stars for Marking Period 4 are academics, Spencer Solomon, athletics, Matthew Fermo, service, Bethany Brooks, leadership, Jenna Dolce and arts, Kayla January. 

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