Jared Felixbrod and Dave Stroud are ready to take your orders at Blue Moon Mex-Express. Owner Howie Felixbrod not pictured. 


Blue Moon Mex-Express of Denville Enjoying Success

By Steve Sears

For lovers of Mexican cuisine in Denville and its surrounding communities, there’s another great reason to now visit the downtown area. 

Blue Moon Mex-Express has been in town and in business since November.

“We’re happy to be in Denville,” says Howie Felixbrod, founder and owner of Blue Moon Mex-Express and its companion Blue Moon Mexican Café eateries in Englewood and Wyckoff. “There are a few counter seats, but it’s really just takeout and delivery,” he says of his Denville endeavor. “The other restaurants have full bars and a space for private parties.”

Felixbrod’s son, Jared, and one of his managers of 20 years, Dave Stroud, are his partners in Blue Moon Mex-Express.  Both Dave and Jared are on-site at the Broadway location.

Thus far, reception has been great, and for good reason. “Cuisine-wise, we’re top of the line Mexican,” Felixbrod says. “We’ve been in business since 1987 between the city and New Jersey, and the reason why we’re in business for so long is people love our food. And we’re well known. Even the people walking into the Denville location say, ‘We know you from Wyckoff,’ or, ‘We know you from Englewood.’ It’s an amazing place. I can’t wait for the spring and summer. I know it’s going to be a big walking town, and people will be on the streets, and I see what they do as far as promoting the businesses in town.”

Felixbrod opened his first Blue Moon Café Restaurant in Manhattan, and then opened in Englewood in 1995. “We were really one of only two or three Mexican restaurants, but we were very popular,” he says. “Things started to spread, and we opened a few more locations.”

Among the popular menu items at all Blue Moon locations are fish tacos, and an item added a few years back, brisket tacos. “The brisket tacos are amazing,” Felixbrod says. “Its spicy brisket pulled like it’s shredded beef. And everything we do is made fresh; salsa we make everyday, guacamole we make two times a day, and we make everything in house. We also have wings that we’re very proud of. That’s also one of our big sellers. We have all the basics, but those tacos really stand out. For our quesadillas, we use hanger steak beef, and we make sure it’s tenderized. Our marinade is our secret sauce.”

One of the main reasons Felixbrod decided to head into Denville was to expand Blue Moon’s catering coverage area. Catering, which is a big part of their business, is available for all occasions, and seems especially popular with pharmaceutical reps. “We have a tremendous loyal catering base, and we deliver from all three locations to northern New Jersey, Rockland and Westchester counties, the Bronx, and even parts of Manhattan.” And while the Denville location is indeed primarily takeout and delivery, Felixbrod feels the catering will be embraced. He explains the process. “Offices and reps call our main office in Wyckoff, and we make the order process very simple, fast and efficient, and the offices love it because it’s delicious, and our drivers are on time and friendly.  We offer great, budget friendly packages, individual lunches and/or platters and trays.”

Blue Moon Mexican Café has always given back in a big way to the community, and plans on doing the same in Denville. “We’ve only done a couple of what we call ‘community nights,’ where we donate 20% of our sales to an organization,” Felixbrod says. “This is a big thing that we do in our restaurants, and over the years, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been given back to our local communities. We plan on doing the same thing here (in Denville). We want to be a part of the community.” 

Blue Moon Mex-Express is located at 45 Broadway in Denville. For more information, call (973) 625-3663 or visit www.bluemoonmexexpress.com. 

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