JCHS Raises Funds for Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation

The Caldwell Chiefs football team is in the habit of doing good both on and off the field, and this year was no exception, with the team focusing on raising funds for a variety of charities and organizations, including a new scholarship fund that was a bit more personal than others. This year, following the loss of teammate Jacob Gaynor-Crisci’s aunt, the team was asked for help to raise funds for a scholarship in memory of the sophomore’s aunt Jill Lecorchick. The team rose to the challenge, raising $500 for the Jilly Bean Scholarship fund.

Lecorchick, who was originally diagnosed in 2010, worked closely with the Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation throughout her treatment. The Foundation created the scholarship in Lecorchick’s memory and will award the first scholarship in 2019 to her son Kyle, a football player at Old Bridge High School, Matawan.

“It is important to give back when and where we can,” said Head Coach Ken Trimmer. “Through these types of projects, the boys learn that it is important to work hard on and off the field.”

For more information on the Mama Mare Breast Cancer Foundation, visit www.mamamare.org. For more information on James Caldwell High School, visit www.cwcboe.org/jchs.


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