Job Shadow Held On Groundhog Day

Mt. Olive High School provides a Job Shadow Day for students in grades10 through 12, every February and has been doing so for years.  As many as 200 students participate.


Job Shadowing is a one day experience, typically about five hours.  Students are responsible for their own transportation and their job is to observe their mentor in normal daily routine.  Mentors need not make the day more exciting than usual, the goal is for the student to get an unvarnished impression of the career.  Usually the mentor has lunch with the student and provides an overview of the career, education needs, etc.


Most of the shadowing occurs in the general Mt. Olive locale but students have traveled as far as New York City and Trenton.


In 2016, Job Shadow Day was Feb. 2, Groundhog Day, get it? but there is flexibility for scheduling students on a day that is more convenient for the mentor.  Most mentors find the day gratifying and fun.  Job shadow mentoring is a terrific way to support a child’s education and career development.


Dr. Tim Kelly has been coordinating Job Shadow Day for a decade and may be contacted at 201-317-4319 or

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