Kids Shave Heads At Local Church To Raise Money For Cancer Research

The Saint Baldrick’s Foundation was established on July 4, 1999, after a man by the name of Tim Kenny gave a challenge to his colleagues; John Bender and Enda McDonnell, according to their website. He posed the question, “How will you give back in return for your own good fortune in business?” It was McDonnell’s thick head of hair that gave Bender the idea to shave their heads for donations to raise money for child cancer research.


Today The Saint Baldrick’s Foundation has made an impact on Resurrection Church in Randolph. In it’s second year running, Resurrection Church’s “YES” team has raised $13, 415 and counting since they held the event. The previous year they had raised $14, 239, according to Jen Baxter, one of the board members that helped plan the event, along side Nancy Martin, Lori Rogers, Marine Lichanky, and Shannon Civetta.


Baxter had heard about the foundation through her son, and said what motivated the board to take part in the organization was the kids in the area who wanted to get involved as well.


“Only four percent of cancer research has been put into funding,” Baxter said. “So this motivated the kids to want to give back to the community and others around them who are fighting cancer.”


“I do hope that it grows further and more kids show,” she added.


The event started about five years ago by the Randolph Firehouse; after two years the event was then passed down to the Randolph Community Center; and was started up again by the “YES” team at Resurrection Church.


This year’s event took place in June, with about 30 kids from in and around the area who participated. The age groups ranged from fifth to eighth graders, who all came out to donate their hair for child cancer research. According to Baxter, one girl by the name of Rebecca even shaved her hair that day too.


Three local children, who are currently fighting cancer, also played a role in the boy’s inspiration to donate at this year’s event, according to Baxter. Tommy Martin, son to board member Nancy Martin, worked with his friends and classmates in Randolph Elementary School teacher, Jessica Velez’s class raising more than $200.


Volunteers ranged from all ages; teen DJs and a seventh grade boy who volunteered to be the mc for the event. Licensed barbers from around the area participated in the shaving of the heads. Those barbers included, Debbie Graham, Tiffany Huges, Valerie Harrison, and Kevin Culleny.


“We want people to know that we opened up the event to anyone interested,” Baxter said, “They don’t have to only be from Randolph, we even had a kid from Mount Tabor who participated.”


Those who participated each received tickets upon entering the event, and were rewarded with little prizes. Pizza was served by the new pizzeria and restaurant, Antimo’s in Randolph. Each kid walked out of there with smiles on their faces knowing they made a difference.


Resurrection Church is located in Randolph. For more information on its services, call (973) 895-4224 or visit its website at To make a donation to the “YES” team’s fund, visit the Saint Baldrick’s Foundation at





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